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Pharmaceutical Name
Live Oocysts, Chicken Isolates

For vaccination of healthy chickens at one day of age or older as an aid in the prevention of coccidiosis.

Coccivac®-B vaccine is a live oocyst vaccine isolated from chickens, prepared from anticoccidial-sensitive strains of Eimeria acervulina, E. mivati, E. maxima and E. tenella. It may be administered to chickens at one day of age via spray cabinet or orally on the feed at 1-3 days of age.

Coccivac®-B contains live oocysts of:

  • Eimeria acervulina
  • Eimeria mivati
  • Eimeria maxima
  • Eimeria tenella

Product Uniqueness

  • Highly sensitive oocysts, isolated previous to the development and use of the anticoccidial drugs, restore drug sensitivity
  • Replaces field oocysts with vaccine oocysts, reducing the pathogenicity and restoring drug sensitivity
  • Application with Spraycox II or Spraycox Jr. provides high uniformity and excellent protection

Therapeutic Superiority

  • Protects against all Eimeria spp. important to broilers
  • Birds remain protected for entire broiler cycle after a single administration
  • Eliminates undesirable side effects of coccidiostats
  • No need for complicated drug medication schemes

Features and Benefits

  • Repopulate the field with sensitive oocysts
  • Ideal for improving long-term control of Coccidiosis and performance
  • Eliminates residue concerns for consumers
  • Support of the Merck Animal Health Poultry Team in managing Intestinal Health and improving performance

For the vaccination of healthy chickens at one day of age by spray cabinet administration or at 1 to 3 days of age on the feed to aid in the prevention of coccidiosis in chickens.

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Product Label(s) and MSDS

Coccivac®-B is a registered trademark of Intervet Inc.