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Pharmaceutical Name
bovine rotavirus-coronavirus vaccine, killed virus, clostridium perfringens types C & D-escherichia coli bacterin-toxoid

Features and Benefits

Broad-Spectrum Control and Easy-Dose Regimen

Yesterday’s scours vaccines may not be up to today’s viral challenges. But Guardian offers great efficacy because it contains prevalent strains of rotavirus and coronavirus for the most relevant protection.

For exceptional help in providing neonatal calves colostral antibodies against scours, turn to Guardian. Guardian stimulates protection against multiple strains of rotaviruses and coronaviruses. These Guardian viruses are patent protected and recognized by independent researchers as the most prevalent strains. Guardian is formulated for today’s viral challenges. It is proven in challenge-of-immunity tests in calves from vaccinated dams.

Subunit E. coli Technology
But viral scours prevention is just the beginning. Guardian also protects against K99 E. coli scours and is manufactured with subunit technology so it contains minimal E. coli cells and endotoxins that can be associated with systemic reactions, such as abortion.

Plus, Guardian stimulates production of protective antibodies against Clostridium perfringensTypes B, C and D.

No other scours vaccine is as convenient as Guardian. Give the initial dose at 12 weeks precalving followed by the booster dose 3 to 6 weeks later, far enough before calving to minimize the stress and possible abortion from handling cattle near calving time. With Guardian, you never have to give a third dose or use a second product.

Reliable, convenient scours protection with Beef Quality Assurance approval.

Guardian® vaccine is a multiple antigen product which includes a cell-free extract of K99 pilus type of Escherichia coli, a unique combination of two inactivated coronaviruses, two G-types of inactivated rotaviruses and a bacterin-toxoid from Clostridium perfringens Types C and D. It is recommended for use in healthy heifers and cows as an aid in the prevention of neonatal calf diarrhea caused by enterotoxigenic E. coli pilus type K99 and bovine Group A rotaviruses and enterotoxemia caused by C. perfringens Types C and D and as an aid in the control of neonatal calf diarrhea caused by bovine coronaviruses.

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