Piliguard® Pinkeye TriView


Therapeutic Class

Pharmaceutical Name
Moraxella Bovis Bacterin

Features and Benefits

... sophisticated pinkeye vaccine technology.

A cell-free bacterin in an oil emulsion adjuvant containing pili from cultures of Moraxella bovis isolates referred to by Merck Animal Health as strains 33, 89 and 109 and specifically selected for their ability to cross-react with field strains.

  • Provides exceptional protection against pinkeye.

  • Cross-reacts against 103 or 74% strains of pinkeye-causing bacteria.

  • Manufactured with subunit technology to remove bacterial cells and cell wall components.

Piliguard® Pinkeye TriView bacterin is for use in healthy cattle four weeks of age or older as an aid in the reduction of disease associated with infection by Moraxella bovis.

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