Synergized DeLice® Pour-On Insecticide


Therapeutic Class

Pharmaceutical Name
1% permethrin and 1% piperonyl butoxide

Features and Benefits
... synergized formula controls wide range of insects on livestock and premises.

Controls lice, horn flies and face flies on lactating and non-lactating dairy cattle, beef cattle and calves and aids in control of horse flies, stable flies, house flies, mosquitoes and black flies as well as others.

  • Economic, ready to use, no mixing required.
  • Migrates over animal’s skin and hair coat for maximum coverage.
  • Use on cattle of all ages.
  • Convenient application methods: pour-on animal, spray-on animal, spray-on premise, diluted for back rubbers.
  • Oil based for application anytime of year.

Pour-on insecticide for cattle, sheep, and their premises.

Pour-on, spray, mist, back rubber, premise.

Apply To

Target Insects

Lactating and Non-Lactating Dairy Cattle, Beef Cattle and Calves

LICE, Horn flies, Face flies, Aids in control of Horse flies, Stable flies, House flies, Mosquitoes and Black flies.



Sheep keds, LICE

Premises-In and around Horse, Beef, Dairy, Swine, Sheep, and Poultry premises. Animal Hospital Pens and Kennels and “outside” Meat Processing Premises.

House flies, Stable flies, Face flies, Gnats, Mosquitoes, Black flies, Fleas, Little House flies (Fanniaspp). Aids in control of cockroaches, ants, spiders, crickets

Special Note: SYNERGIZED DELICE Insecticide is not effective in controlling cattle grubs. SYNERGIZED DELICE Insecticide is an oil-based, ready-to-use product, that may leave an oily appearance on the hair coat of some animals. SYNERGIZED DELICE Insecticide should be used in an integrated pest management system which may involve repeat treatments and the use of other pest control practices.

For further information including dose rate and complete directions and warnings, please see the Product Label by clicking here.

Synergized DeLice® Pour-On Insecticide is a registered trademark of Intervet Inc.

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