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Zilmax is a feed supplement that enables a beef animal’s natural metabolism to more efficiently convert feed energy into lean, healthy and delicious beef.

ZILMAX Field Research Summaries

  • GET MORE BEEF FROM STEERS: Feedlot Beef Steer Research Update (282kb)
    Zilmax (zilpaterol hydrochloride) is a feed supplement that enables steers to convert feed more efficiently into the high value beef desired by consumers.

  • Steers with high quality genetics supplemented with Zilmax, produce heavier carcasses with improved cutability - without compromising quality grade. (331kb)
    As consumer demand for high-quality beef grows, today’s cattle feeders are looking for ways to produce high-quality beef more sustainably — and profitably.

    Improving efficiencies in feeding high quality (greater than 68% Choice+Prime) heifers is easier than ever with Zilmax® (zilpaterol hydrochloride), the feed supplement that enables heifers to convert feed more efficiently

  • Zilmax: The Last Word in Performance (318kb)
    Right cattle: Target cattle can benefit from additional carcass weight, ribeye area and cutability.
    Right time: Research confirms feeding Zilmax for 20 days provides optimal performance while maintaining eating quality.
    Right market: Improve fabrication values across all yield grades for cattle sold on a grid.

  • Beef up your bottom line (334kb)
    Zilmax® (zilpaterol hydrochloride) is a feed supplement that enables dairy beef to metabolize feed more efficiently. By feeding Zilmax to calf-fed Holsteins during the last 20 days of the feeding period, cattle feeders can significantly improve their bottom line, while providing consumers more of what they want.

    Consumer demand for quality lean red meat, especially ground beef, continues to increase year over year in the United States. The demand for ground beef in the U.S. is being primarily met by processing cull cows. While feeding cull cows prior to harvest may look like a costly endeavor, supplementing feed with Zilmax® can pay dividends at market and processing.

  • Head-to-Head, ZILMAX® Outperforms (597kb)
    Zilmax outperforms Optaflexx in steers and heifers.

  • Zilmax Vs. OptaflexX TRIAL in Beef Production (241kb)
    Comparative Effects of Zilmax® (zilpaterol hydrochloride) and Optaflexx® (ractopamine hydrochloride) on performance, carcass traits and shear force of feedlot heifers in Western Canada.

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