Once PMH® IN


Therapeutic Class

Mannheimia Haemolytica – Pasteurella Multocida Vaccine. Avirulent Live Culture.

The reconstituted vaccine product contains avirulent live cultures of Mannheimia and Pasteurella multocida.

For the vaccination of healthy cattle, 1 week of age or older, as an aid in the control of respiratory disease caused by Mannheimiahaemolytica and as an aid in the prevention of disease caused by Pasteurella multocida.

Directions and Dosage:
Rehydrate freeze dried vial of Once PMH IN with accompanying vial of diluent. Mix reconstituted vial well. Administer a single 1.0 mL dose aseptically into each nostril or 2 mL into only one nostril of healthy cattle 1 week of age or older. Annual revaccination is recommended.

Store refrigerated at 2o – 7o C (35o – 45o F). Do not freeze. Use immediately after reconstitution; do not save partial contents. Burn containers and all unused product. Use only in health cattle. Do not vaccinate within 21 days before slaughter. If allergic reaction occurs, treat with epinephrine. Contains streptomycin as a preservative. FOR ANIMAL USE ONLY.

Code: 117258
10 dose
Code: 109221
50 dose

Product Label(s) and MSDS 

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