Administration and Dosage


Therapeutic Class

Administering once-daily ORBAX® Oral SuspensionOrbax-Product-Shot.

1. Shake bottle well before each use. The first time the bottle is opened, place the enclosed plastic press-in dispenser flush with the top of the bottle.

2. With the bottle upright insert the enclosed syringe tip into the opening in the dispenser, pressing it in gently until it is fully inserted.

3. Turn the bottle and syringe assembly upside down and slowly pull the syringe plunger to draw in the correct volume of medicine, referring to the mL markings printed on the syringe.

4. Turn the bottle back to its upright position after you draw in the liquid and pull out the syringe.

5. Place the pet on a table. Gently hold the cat’s (dog’s) head upward with one hand and insert the syringe tip into the animal’s mouth, slowly pressing the syringe plunger to deliver the dose. If the cat is not cooperative, try putting a drop of ORBAX® Oral Suspension on its paw and letting him taste it then present the syringe for him to lick.

6. Replace the cap on the bottle, rinse the syringe with water thoroughly and keep for reuse for the next dose.

Note: ORBAX® Oral Suspension is ready to use and does not require refrigeration so keep it in an “easy to remember” location.


For further information including dose rate and complete directions and warnings, please see the Package Insert.
Components may cause local hypersensitivity or ototoxity. For side effects and warnings, please see the Package Insert.

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