Pigeon Pox Vaccine


Therapeutic Class

Pharmaceutical Name
Live Virus


PIGEON POX VACCINE is prepared from a strain of Pigeon Pox Virus that has the ability to give good takes and immunity in chickens four weeks of age or older when applied by the wing-web method. The vial of dried virus material contains stabilized Pigeon Pox Virus blended and ready for use according to the following directions.

Gentamicin is added as a bacteriostatic agent.

Contraindication(s): Chickens to be vaccinated should be free of all diseases, including the latent form of chronic respiratory disease (CRD), clinical coccidiosis, blackhead, parasite infestations, etc. and maintained under good environmental conditions.

Precaution(s): Store vaccine in refrigerator under 45°F (7°C). Use entire contents of each vial when first opened. Burn containers and all unused contents.

Caution(s): Consult your poultry pathologist for further recommendations based on conditions existing in a designated area at any given time.

Chickens should not be placed on contaminated premises. Exposure should be avoided immediately following vaccination, because it takes up to 10 days to develop resistance.

All susceptible chickens on the same premises should be vaccinated at the same time. If this is not possible, then strict isolation and separate caretakers should be employed for non-vaccinated units. Efforts should be taken to reduce stress conditions at the time the vaccine is administered.

Notice: All vaccines released for sale meet the requirements of the licensing authority (U.S. Department of Agriculture) in regard to safety, purity, potency and the capacity to immunize normal, susceptible chickens.

The capacity of the vaccine to produce satisfactory results depends on many factors, including, but not limited to, conditions of storage and handling by the user, administration of the vaccine, health and responsiveness of individual animals and the degree of field exposure. Therefore, the directions for use should be followed carefully.

The use of this vaccine is subject to applicable state and federal laws and regulations.

Warning(s): Do not vaccinate within 21 days before slaughter.

This vaccine is recommended for the vaccination of healthy broilers and roasters at four weeks of age against Fowl Pox. Chickens that are kept for laying purposes should be vaccinated with Fowl Pox Vaccine before they come into production.

For further information including dose rate and complete directions and warnings, please see the Product Label by clicking here.