PorcilisTM Ileitis


PorcilisTM Ileitis Product Information

PorcilisTM Ileitis offers long-lasting protection for ileitis control.

  • Industry-leading 20-week (5 months) duration of immunity (DOI)
    • With a 20-week DOI, vaccination with Porcilis Ileitis provides 13 more weeks of protection than the water-administered vaccine on the market
  • One-dose, ready-to-use injectable vaccine
    • As the only injectable vaccine available for ileitis, Porcilis™ Ileitis allows for vaccination of pigs at 3 weeks of age or older – an age when they’re easier to handle
    • A single-bottle vaccine means no mixing, combining or risk of contamination from the process
    • No worrying about removing feed-grade antibiotics during vaccination


For use in healthy swine as an aid in the control of ileitis caused by Lawsonia intracellularis, an aid in the reduction of colonization by Lawsonia and an aid in the reduction of duration of fecal shedding. Duration of immunity for at least 20 weeks has been demonstrated.

Administration and dosage

Shake well. Warm the vaccine to room temperature inmediately prior to administration. Using aseptic technique, inject 2 mL once intramuscularly (IM) into pigs at 3 weeks of age or older.