zilpaterol hydrochloride 4.8%

We support cattle farmers in their commitment to continue finding better ways to provide quality beef. Zilmax® is an FDA-approved feed supplement for cattle that has been used by cattle farmers globally for nearly two decades to improve cattle’s natural ability to convert feed into more lean beef that is flavorful, tender and juicy. Working with their nutritionists, farmers feed Zilmax to cattle for a short period of time – 20 days – when they become less efficient at metabolizing their feed, and typically gain excess fat.

When fed at the recommended 20 days, Zilmax improves live weight gain and feed efficiency. Zilmax-fed cattle showed an improvement in carcass weight gain of 24 to 33 pounds and a dressing percentage of about 1.4 percentage points. Further, when fed for a 20-day period, Zilmax doubled the percentage of Yield Grade 1 cattle and cut in half the number of Yield Grade 4 and 5 cattle.

Consumer eating satisfaction is the gold standard for repeat sales of beef. In the largest grilled steak taste-test study ever, 14 out of 15 consumers rated beef from cattle fed Zilmax as flavorful, tender and juicy – the same consumer acceptability as beef from cattle that were not fed the supplement. This university study and subsequent consumer tests have reinforced that finding.

Zilmax helps cattle make the most of their feed, which means farmers can raise more beef with fewer cattle. Fewer cattle = less land, less water, less energy and less waste.  Farmers are conserving natural resources while raising beef that is flavorful, tender and juicy and an affordable choice for consumers.

To achieve the feeding efficiencies and carcass value gains, while delivering a positive eating experience for consumers, Merck Animal Health encourages cattle feeders to focus on three best practice areas for feeding Zilmax:

  • Working with nutritionists to identify the right cattle – those that ideally benefit from Zilmax
  • Feeding for the right period of time
  • Marketing the cattle on a carcass value basis

Zilmax consistently delivers from 24 to 33 pounds of additional carcass weight. In heifers, hot carcass weight increases an average of 25 pounds with a dressed yield increase of 1.3%. In steers, the hot carcass weight increase is 33 pounds on average, and dressed yield increases 1.4%. Calf-fed Holsteins have an average of 24 pounds increase in hot carcass weight and more than double increase in Yield Grade 1 cattle.

Zilmax Cattle Feeder Outcomes Include:

  • 24 to 33 pounds additional hot carcass weight
  • Increase in live weight from 11-19 pounds
  • Improved dressing percentage of up to 1.4 points
  • Increased Yield Grades 1 and 2
  • Decreased Yield Grades 4 and 5

The safety of Zilmax is well documented by numerous independent, third-party experts. It has a history of more than 30 years of research and development, as well as rigorous testing. Regulatory agencies, including the FDA and other international scientific authorities, reviewed comprehensive data on the use of Zilmax in cattle and concluded that, when used according to label directions, it poses no safety risk to humans and is safe for use in cattle.

Administration and Dosage
Feed Zilmax at 6.8 grams per ton (90% dry matter basis) for the last 20 days on the sole ration of feed to provide 60 to 90 mg zilpaterol hydrochloride per head per day. There is a three-day feed withdrawal prior to harvest. Zilmax cattle can be harvested up to seven days following the three-day withdrawal and maintain the performance benefits.

Residue Warning
There is a three-day feed withdrawal for Zilmax.

Zilmax is not for use in animals intended for breeding. Do not allow horses or other equines access to feeds containing zilpaterol. Do not use in veal calves. For complete information, refer to product label.

Contact Information
Contact your Merck Animal Health Sales Representative for more information. Call Zilmax customer service at 1-800-521-5767.

Product Label