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Maximizing Poultry Health and Performance

Today’s poultry industry demands innovative approaches to emerging diseases. To remain profitable, poultry producers evaluate options carefully and choose what works best for them. At Merck Animal Health, we strive to offer products and services that make a difference, even taking the unconventional path to bring the best tools for improved performance and profitability.

In order to better serve our customer needs, the U.S. Poultry Business Team is organized around three main themes:

Intestinal Health: Poultry is the most feed-efficient animal protein for human consumption, and feed efficiency depends on good intestinal health. Coccivac® vaccines are the preferred choice of live coccidiosis vaccines for chicken and turkey production in the USA. Clostridium perfringens type A toxoid is the first vaccine against necrotic enteritis in broilers, rounding up our offerings of intestinal health products.

Respiratory Protection: Poultry are very susceptible to a large number of respiratory pathogens. Most respiratory diseases can be prevented with the use of safe and effective vaccines.

Dynamic Immunity: Immunosuppressive diseases such as Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD or Gumboro disease), Marek’s disease, Chicken Infectious Anemia, and Reovirus are detrimental to poultry health and can weaken the immune defenses of poultry, leaving them susceptible to other diseases.

CAV-VAC® live vaccine provides high consistent antibody titers in commercial layers and breeders against the chicken infectious anemia virus, and protects against horizontal transmission in progeny with one single application.

Services: The US Poultry Business Team provides services designed to help poultry producers better understand the challenges and deploy the best solutions for sustainable long-term poultry health and performance.