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Join the global fight against canine rabies.

For every dose of a Nobivac branded vaccine sold in the US, Merck Animal Health will donate a dose of rabies vaccine to save dogs and families in the Serengeti.


While rabies is thought of as a rare disease in much of the Western world, it remains disturbingly widespread in many underdeveloped regions. In Africa, rabies claims the lives of nearly 25,000 people - many of whom are children - each year.

Fortunately, rabies can be easily avoided with vaccination. The Afya Serengeti project is working to achieve widespread vaccination coverage of domestic dogs, which account for 84.2% of rabies cases in the Serengeti. That's why Merck Animal Health has joined forces with the Afya Serengeti project. Because with support of organizations like Merck Animal Health and the World Health Organization, this project can help reduce the impact of rabies in the region and ultimately save lives.

Already the project has shown what is possible with an ongoing commitment to eradicating rabies. Since 2003, hospitalizations due to rabid dog bites have been reduced by nearly 92%, rabies has been eliminated from the Serengeti National Park itself and the adjacent Ngorongoro district, and there have been no reported rabies outbreaks in areas where a 70% vaccination rate has been achieved.

Help Here. Change There

Merck Animal Health is proud to continue our dose-for-dose campaign in support of the Afya Serengeti project. Just by performing routine vaccinations, you can join veterinary professionals across the globe in their efforts to eradicate rabies and save lives in the Serengeti. When you vaccinate a pet with a Nobivac branded vaccine between September 1 and December 31, 2013, Merck Animal Health will donate a dose of rabies vaccine to Afya Serengeti (up to 250,000 doses).

For more information on how you can join veterinary professionals across the globe in the fight against rabies, contact your Merck Animal Health or Distributor representative or visit

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