Merck Animal Health Foal CareSM Program


First Deworming. First Vaccination. First Steps Towards a Healthy Life

The Merck Animal Health Foal Care ProgramSM is designed to help you keep track of important milestones in your foal's development as well as your mare's health. Here you'll find pre- and post-breeding information on mare nutrition and healthcare. Of course, the Merck Animal Health Foal Care program is just the start. For more detailed information, consult your veterinarian - your most important resource.

Prior to breeding, your mare should be in good weight and current on essential vaccinations and deworming. Routine dental prophylaxis and foot trimming should also be up to date.

For mares at risk for early pregnancy loss, you may want to routinely monitor blood progesterone levels during the first trimester. Your veterinarian can send blood samples to IDEXX Reference Laboratories for analysis. Healthy mares with viable pregnancies have progesterone concentrations above 2 ng/ml.

First Deworming. First Vaccination. First Steps Towards a Healthy Life

To a foal, everything is new. And how you handle him, feed him and care for him will lay the foundation for the rest of his life. That's why Merck Animal Health introduced the Merck Animal Health Foal Care ProgramSM: to help reduce the risk of foal disease and ill health due to infectious diseases, parasites and metabolic bone disease.

Visit the Foal Care Program web site, the site outlines the essential first steps for a lifetime of healthcare, including routine foal examinations, careful nutrition and strategic deworming and vaccination programs. By following these guidelines, you can ensure a healthy start for your foal.

Your local foal expert.
There is no better resource for specific questions on foal health and nutrition than your veterinarian. Together, you and your veterinarian can create and customize a plan for responsible growth and preventive health care for your foal.

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