Fleas, Ticks and Dermatologists

Monday, July 12
12:00 PM ET & 8:30 PM ET

Itchy Yellow Small Dog

About This Webinar

This program will be a case-based journey through major dermatological disorders of dogs and cats. There will be many pictures and graphic descriptions to help to remember and retain the information including an introduction to dermatological disorders associated with fleas and ticks. Discussions will include flea control and flea allergy dermatitis management.  A review of basic tick ecology as it relates to tick control measures and limitations that exist will help to focus on this important aspect of a pet’s health.

Session Times

July 12, 12:00 PM ET

July 12, 8:30 PM ET


Michael Canfield,DVM,DACVD

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RACE 1 Hour

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This webinar is intended for veterinary professionals only.