New Technologies in Equine Medicine: Equine Ophthalmology for the General Practitioner

View of horse's right eye

About This Webinar

This course covers the common ophthalmic diseases of the horse. The ophthalmic examination and tips for taking medical record quality photographs of ophthalmic conditions are discussed as well as clinical findings, recommended diagnostics and treatment options for superficial corneal ulcers, infected/melting/indolent corneal ulcers, stromal abscesses, equine recurrent uveitis and immune-mediated keratitis. We will also cover use of a subpalpebral lavage system to facilitate administration of ophthalmic medications.



Chrissie Schneider, DVM, MS, DABVP
(Equine Practice)

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RACE 1 Hour

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This webinar is intended for veterinary professionals only.