Caring for Animals & Creating Trust

Veterinary & Consumer Affairs Team Podcast Series

Today’s global consumers are very clear in their demand for safe, affordable, and sustainable protein. To continue to meet these rising expectations requires both leadership and collaboration with food chain stakeholders, academia, and the veterinary community. Merck Animal Health is pleased to amplify the voices of leaders throughout the protein supply chain on the Veterinary & Consumer Affairs Team podcast, Caring for Animals and Creating Trust.

Harnessing the Power of the Human-Animal Bond

The bond between pets and their people is not just something we “think” we experience but is actually backed by science that shows the benefits of our relationships with animals. Join veterinarians Jen Chatfield, “Dr. Jen,” and Taylor Tillery, Merck Animal Health, as they discuss the powerful Human-Animal bond.


Technology + Transparency = Consumer Trust

Consumers have access to information literally at their fingertips, and they expect transparency to help make purchase decisions. Join Food Marketing Institute’s Andrew Haig and Merck Animal Health Intelligence leader Paul Koffman as they discuss transparency, partnerships in the food supply chain and how technology can bring it all together.


Does Your Pet Have a “Pawblem”?

Anyone with a pet who can’t stay home alone knows that separation anxiety is more than crying when you leave the house. Join us for an information-packed podcast with social media star Dr. Lisa Lippman, DVM, to learn to recognize the signs of anxiety and stress – and ways to help your pet cope.  


Are You Taking Care of Yourself?

August is National Wellness month, so we dive into an aspect of health and wellness that may be overlooked: Our mental health. Join Dr. Elizabeth Strand, MSSW, PhD., University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine, and Judson Vasconcelos, DVM, PhD., Merck Animal Health Veterinary and Consumer Affairs, as we explore ways to manage stress.


The Role of Protein in a Healthy, Balanced Diet

Every day we are faced with food choices and bombarded with information. Choosing what’s “good” for us can be challenging. Jane Dukes, Merck Animal Health Veterinary & Consumer Affairs, talks with Kim Kichherr, MS, RDN, about the importance of balance and choice in a healthy diet and keeping animal protein on the plate.


A Collaborative Approach to Sustainability

Continuous improvement in sustainability requires engaging communities and critics to understand priorities and expectations. Join Dr. Angela Basinger, animal welfare lead for Merck Animal Health North America, and Nicole Johnson-Hoffman, senior VP and chief sustainability officer, OSI Group and discover how you can contribute to the continuous improvement of agriculture in raising sustainable food.  


Ensuring Animal Welfare in our Shelters

Animal welfare is the foundation to ensure pets find forever homes as physically/emotionally sound dogs and cats. Dr. Angela Baysinger, Animal Welfare lead for Merck Animal Health North America, talks with Dr. Jyothi Robertson, board-certified veterinarian in shelter medicine to broaden your view of shelters to help improve animal welfare and strengthen local communities.


Navigating a Crisis…Before it Happens

Just as we couldn’t predict a global pandemic, we also can’t predict when a crisis will hit the farm or ranch. Jane Dukes, Merck Animal Health Veterinary & Consumer Affairs, talks with Hannah Thompson-Weeman, VP Communications for the Animal Agriculture Alliance, to provide critical components of a crisis management plan.


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