Equine Influenza

Disease Overview

Equine influenza is highly contagious, mostly affecting horses between 1-5 years.

Merck Animal Health Solutions

Equine Influenza

For vaccination of healthy horses 6 months of age or older, as an aid in the prevention of disease caused by Eastern and Western encephalomyelitis viruses and tetanus, as an aid in the control of respiratory disease caused by EIV, Equine Herpesvirus types 1 and 4 (EHV-1 and EHV· 4), and as an aid in reduction of virus shedding of EIV and EHV-1. Duration of immunity(D01) has been shown to be at least six months for EIV.

Flu Avert® I.N. vaccine is a unique, proprietary, intranasal, modified-live equine influenza vaccine proven by challenge studies to be safe and effective against North American and Eurasian strains of the equine influenza virus.