Virtual fencing for
livestock management

Vence is a virtual fencing livestock management system for cattle. Our tool controls cattle movement, manage grazing, create virtual fences to dictate grazing behavior, and monitor animal location and movement.

Why virtual fencing?

Contributes to
increased production

Helps improve grazing land
health and the environment

Allows ranchers to monitor
cattle location and movement

How it works

Place base station

Base stations are strategically placed on ranch property. One base station
covers 5,000-10,000 acres, depending on terrain.

Place collars

Each CattleRider collar contains a global positioning system (GPS) transceiver that tracks its position and a radio frequency (RF) transceiver.

Set grazing boundaries

Using our HerdManager system, lines can be endlessly redrawn to include or exclude specific areas, which helps with rotational grazing and protecting environmentally sensitive land.

Keep cattle within boundaries

Using sound cues and an animal-safe and humane electric pulse, the collars help cattle learn to avoid stimuli by moving away from the boundary.


Rotational grazing through Vence mimics the natural movement of cattle across the land to prevent overgrazing, allowing for better long-term management of grass and rangelands, protection over sensitive areas like burn zones and waterfront areas, improved soil health, and more.

Better forage

Less wildlife disruption

Improved drought tolerance

Reduced soil erosion

Quicker restoration of burned areas

Diminished wildfire risk

Cleaner water

Enhanced carbon
sequestration (+ tracking)

Vence installations to date

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Let’s talk!

We’re happy to answer questions, get into details, and discuss whether Vence is right for your ranch.