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Merck Animal Health firmly supports the responsible use of antibiotics to improve and maintain the health of animals. Antibiotics are life-saving veterinary products that treat bacterial infections in companion and food-producing animals. Their use in veterinary medicine also benefits humans by reducing the spread of disease between animals and humans; and helping facilitate a safe, efficient and sustainable food supply.
Merck Animal Health – Position Statement on Antibiotic Use
Merck Public Policy Statement: Antibiotics

Animal Testing

Our company is dedicated to the ethical and responsible treatment of all animals used in the development of medicines and vaccines. Decisions regarding animal care, use and welfare are made by balancing scientific knowledge and regulatory requirements with consideration of ethical and societal values.
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Plasma-Based Products

Plasma-based products are used for both human and animal health and provide therapeutic benefits for a range of conditions. The safety and well-being of all animals is our first priority at Merck Animal Health. We only select partners that share these same values, and they are required to operate by the Merck Code of Conduct.
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Facts about Bravecto

Nothing is more important to Merck Animal Health than the safety and efficacy of our products and the health and well-being of animals, which is why it is so important that we share the facts about Bravecto® (fluralaner).
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Merck Animal Health Statement on SEQUIVITY™ Technology

Merck Animal Health fully supports the use of the SEQUIVITY™ Technology, a revolutionary, flexible, rapid and targeted vaccine production platform incorporating immuno-precision capabilities that protects against a wide range of disease-causing viral and bacterial pathogens in food producing livestock and companion animals.

The SEQUIVITY™ Technology production platform results in vaccines that contain RNA Particles (RP), which produce antigens to stimulate a protective immune response in animals. While traditional vaccines can take years to develop using this technology, Merck Animal Health can provide a solution in a very short period of time. 

Safe and Effective in Improving the Health and Well-Being of Animals 

Vaccines developed with RNA technology do not pose any risks to the food supply when animals are vaccinated. All vaccines undergo rigorous safety studies. In fact, the use of RNA Particle vaccine technology has proven to be an effective tool in improving the health and well-being of animals.  

Millions of doses of the SEQUIVITY vaccine platform have safely been used by veterinarians in swine herds for more than ten years since the USDA first issued the license in 2012. It is also being used in other countries such as Canada, Chile, Mexico, and the Philippines. 

About the SEQUIVITY Technology and its Value 

The SEQUIVITY technology represents a technological advancement within the company’s existing vaccine portfolio because it allows the company to rapidly and precisely choose the gene of interest to produce specific antigens in order to make commercially available and/or custom-tailored vaccines.

By using carefully selected gene sequences, the production platform enables targeted creation of a vaccine as needed for rapidly evolving pathogens, thereby offering a precise solution to evolving disease challenges.  

The Importance of Innovative Vaccines 

Modern vaccine technologies or biotechnology vaccines are playing an ever-increasing role in pharmaceutical, vaccine and diagnostic discovery in veterinary medicine, contributing to improvements in the health and welfare of companion animals and food-producing animals. These technologies provide greater options for application, facilitating administration and enhancing animal welfare.