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Today’s global consumers are very clear in their demand for safe, affordable, and sustainable protein. To continue to meet these rising expectations requires both leadership and collaboration with food chain stakeholders, academia, and the veterinary community. Merck Animal Health is pleased to amplify the voices of leaders throughout the food value chain on the Veterinary & Consumer Affairs Team podcast, Caring for Animals and Creating Trust in Food.

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Transparency Builds Trust with Consumers

Merck Animal Health Sponsors Transparency Summit

Stakeholders across the food supply chain face increasing skepticism from customers, consumers and investors demanding transparency, not only on food safety and ingredients, but also animal welfare, labor/business practices and environmental impact.  In our first-ever Transparency in Animal Protein consumer research study, two-thirds of consumers reported transparency in animal protein – meat, fish, eggs and dairy – is extremely or very important and they also identified animal care and sustainability as important purchase considerations. Merck Animal Health is sponsoring the Center for Food Integrity’s Transparency Summit this November in Chicago, and CEO Charlie Arnot is our guest on the Caring for Animals & Creating Trust in Food podcast.

Graphic for a podcast featuring Charlie Arnot, CEO of the The Center for Food Integrity
Graphic for a podcast

Our DNA TraceBack® technology delivers the transparency consumers expect, and this month we’re talking to an important customer, Glenn Strickholm, President, Protein Brands, Performance Food Group.

Emily Yeiser Stepp, executive director, National Dairy FARM program, and Anne Warden, EVP of Dairy Management, Inc. discuss maintaining confidence in dairy foods, farms and businesses.

Certified Angus Beef CEO, John Stika, and Emily Metz, president and CEO of the American Egg Board discuss the beef and egg industries and consumer demands for transparency.