Helping you leverage the power of nature’s barcode – DNA – to gain deep supply chain understanding with verifiable data insights – a competitive advantage.

Undeniable precision. Unlimited possibilities.

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DNA TraceBack® (formerly IdentiGEN) is a game-changing meat and seafood traceability solution that uses nature’s barcode — DNA — to precisely trace every cut from farm to table. Through unparalleled data insights, you gain new opportunities to increase transparency, building brand value and consumer trust in food. With undeniable precision, DNA TraceBack® provides a competitive advantage and unlimited possibilities to differentiate your brand with confidence.

Technology in Agriculture is Transforming How Animals Are Raised

Farmers and ranchers are today’s pioneers using innovative, data-driven technologies that are revolutionizing better decisions and outcomes for animals, the planet, farmers and consumers. It all starts with a tag – unique animal identification is the starting point for providing the best animal care and creating a farm-to-table traceability system. Food traceability technology also enables the transparency and traceability consumers crave today for meat and seafood products.

DNA TraceBack® is the most advanced animal protein traceability technology on the market and supports supply chain integrity by verifying production claims. The exact origin of meat or seafood is verified all the way to individual cuts of animal protein served in restaurants and sold in the retail case.

DNA TraceBack® helps protect brand integrity by achieving supply chain compliance – first traceable U.S. foodservice beef brand becomes fastest growing brand.

A USDA Process Verified Program, DNA TraceBack® grinds flow analysis forms part of the support documentation for food safety protocols in meat grinding facilities.

Providing valuable animal health technology, solutions and insights

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