Caring for Animals & Creating Trust

Improving the health, comfort and care, and well-being of livestock and companion animals.

Unconditional Commitment to Animal Welfare

We work to make the animal’s life the best that it can be.

Merck Animal Health has hosted the Advancing Animal Welfare Together Symposium annually since 2017 as part of our Unconditional commitment to animal health and welfare.

The symposium brings together renowned animal welfare experts and thought leaders from food animal producers, academics, processing and retail to address the importance of understanding practices essential to animal welfare today – and the advancements possible in the future. The symposium initiates the exploration of important topics at every step from farm to table, new partnerships are formed, and we can find new ways to advance animal welfare together through open discussions.

Caring for Animals &
Creating Trust

At Merck Animal Health, we are sharing the stories of farmers, ranchers and veterinarians dedicated to raising food for American dinner tables. By facilitating a greater understanding of how food is grown and raised, we help bridge the gap between farm
and table and advocate for agriculture.

Growing together for a better tomorrow.

Looking forward to future generations.

The future looks bright.

The generational commitment of farmers and ranchers to feed the world.

“We put the animals first in every decision we make.”


Animal Comfort & Safety

Did you know that indoor housing allows for better control of the animal’s environment? Learn more about animal care and safety, a farmer’s top priority.


Navigating A Crisis Starts with Preparedness

There are six key areas where a crisis can strike. Are you ready?


Putting Antibiotics into Perspective


Animal Vaccines

Did you know animal vaccines benefit people, too? Find out how vaccines benefit animals, people and the environment.


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Industry-Leading Programs

Our customers are facing challenges that are more complex and evolving faster than ever. That’s why we are committed to providing resources and programs to help tackle these challenges.

Animal handling training and resources for beef cattle caretakers to keep their livestock safe, productive and healthy. Inspiring a culture of care throughout the beef cattle community each day, every day, 365 days a year.

Employee training and resources for dairy animal caretakers from handling newborn calves to moving cows to the parlor. Since 2012, Merck Animal Health has collaborated with the industry to provide this important resource.

The latest animal handling training from Merck Animal Health. Aqua Care365 includes employee training to ensure everyone working with fish has an understanding of normal fish behavior and can handle and treat fish with the best quality care.