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We know that we, too, play an important role in the food value chain and are committed to helping deliver a safe, transparent and sustainable food supply to meet the world’s growing demand for animal protein.

Learn how the supply chain from farm to fork is engaging to bring consumers along on the journey.

Producer panel: sustainability in beef production

Hear from cattle producers as they share how they’re improving the sustainability of beef cattle production within their operations. Read about the role of animal health in their sustainability plans and the advice they have for other producers.

Jessica Finck, Ph.D., Value Chain & Consumer Affairs, Merck Animal Health

Four people sit on a panel discussing sustainability in beef production.


A Sustainable Food Supply

How do we feed a growing population? Learn about the progress being made toward a more sustainable food supply.


Hormone Implants Help Farmers Raise Beef Sustainably

Learn more about how this tool is safe, practical and sustainable.


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