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Why veterinarians trust intranasal vaccinations for young calves

Building trust in intranasal vaccination

Establishing an early foundation of protection against bovine respiratory disease (BRD) is why dairy veterinarians and producers choose intranasal vaccination for young calves. 

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Intranasal vaccine protects calves

Intranasal vaccine leads the way in early protection

What we do to help calves build immunity within the first weeks and months of life can set them up for success.

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Treating Bovine Respiratory Disease in Cattle with a Combination Antibiotic

The value of a combination antibiotic for treating Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD)

Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD) is a costly challenge. Discover how combination antibiotics work and help effectively treat BRD in cattle quickly.

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Cow pregnancy check

Setting up cows for success at preg-check

Find out how to develop a cow preg-check process to keep your cows healthy and productive while ensuring a successful calving season.

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Vaccine protection for respiratory issues comes through in tough weather for cows

Vaccine protection comes through in tough weather

Learn how to prevent calves from developing respiratory issues with the first intranasal vaccine that protects against both viral and bacterial pneumonia.

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Collect cattle DNA

DNA collection brings value to cattle producers

What makes collecting calf DNA samples useful to cattle producers? Discover the benefits and testing options available.

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Benefits of Amoxi-Mast

Short-duration treatment among AMOXI-MAST® benefits

Dairy practitioners share the greatest benefits of using AMOXI-MAST® to treat mastitis in dairy cows, such as its short, 1.5 day treatment window.

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Dairy Girl Network logo

Merck Animal Health partners with Dairy Girl Network

Merck Animal Health is a Catalyst sponsor of Dairy Girl Network, supporting their mission to connect all women of the dairy industry. Learn more about this partnership.

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Dairy Cattle Vaccine Handling and Protocol Do's and Don'ts

Handle vaccines and animals properly for optimal immune response

Successful immunization requires proper vaccine handling and administration, and animals that are in a physiological state to respond to vaccination. Follow these do’s and don’ts to achieve effective immunization.

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Treating clinical mastitis in cattle

What’s the true cost of treating clinical mastitis?

When selecting mastitis treatments, how can you be sure your treatment protocol delivers the best possible return on investment (ROI)? These five considerations can help optimize economic returns from clinical mastitis treatment.

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