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A man stands in front of cattle in a pen.

One-And-Done Approach to Implanting Pays Off

Learn why Midcon Feeders sees benefits in one-and-done implanting using REVALOR®-XS.

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A man in a hat and vest stands in front of a cattle feeding bunk.

Embracing efficiency to preserve dairy legacy

Arizona Dairy Company has worked for 50-plus years to ensure its dairy legacy and elite Holstein genetics. Read more about how owner Justin Stewart approaches efficiency and cow care.

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Dairy cattle in a feed bunk.

Look to cow monitoring tools, not outside, for heat stress indicators

Heat stress is one of the most costly challenges on U.S. dairy farms in the summertime. Learn about management tips.

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Two cows

What practices pay off at the auction block?

Discover cattle management decisions, programs and health protocols that drive price per pound paid by buyers at livestock auctions.

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Two calves stand near a cow.

Deworming and implanting provide big return on investment

Dr. Ted Dahlstrom shares the importance of investing in beef cattle health and the impact dewormer and implanting can have on your farm’s ROI.

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New EID Rules Infographic

New EID rules spark questions

New EID ear tag requirements will impact those sending cattle across state lines. Be informed and ready.

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A large container holding product cartridges.

Cartridges For Cash nears $150,000 in donations

Producers and veterinarians have worked together to raise nearly $150,000 through Merck’s ongoing Cartridges for Cash program.

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A man stands in front of a herd of cattle.

Parasite control critical for high-risk stocker cattle at Oklahoma’s Shero Ranch

Learn how Earl Shero takes on the challenges of raising high-risk stocker cattle using a comprehensive herd health program.

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A man in a cowboy hat stands in a pasture.

Creating resilience against BRD

Learn from Dr. Dean Fish about Sante Fe Ranch and the approach they take to managing bovine respiratory disease (BRD).

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A man standing in front of a barn.

Moving repro efficiency forward

Discover how Van Voorst Dairy has improved their dairy cattle reproduction efficiency using estrus synchronization and cow monitoring technology.

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A calf standing next to a cow in a pasture. The calf has a Merck Animal Health ear tag

Impact of Implants at Branding Time

Dr. Lee-Anne Walter answers questions about why you should be implanting beef calves at branding time.

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A cow with an Allflex tag stars at the camera.

Is your deworming program working?

Build up cattle performance by using these five steps in your deworming program.

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A calf in straw. The calf is being cleaned by its mother.

Keep bovine coronavirus (BCV) on your radar

Bovine coronavirus can negatively impact dairy health and farm profits. Learn about prevention and treatment strategies for your calves.

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A CleanVax nozzle sprays a liquid.

New Allflex® CleanVax™ optimizes intranasal vaccination

Merck Animal Health Allflex® CleanVax™ nozzles and shields enhance calf comfort and hygiene while providing clean and convenient intranasal vaccine administration.

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A calf looks through a fence.

Building BRD resilience in young calves

Strengthen resilience to bovine respiratory disease in young calves by using best management practices and health protocols.

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A herd of cattle in a grassy pasture. The cattle have red, yellow and green ear tags.

How internal parasites impact cattle immunity and vaccine efficacy

Learn how internal parasites in beef cattle impact the immune system and how producers can adjust their deworming strategy for prevention.

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A black cow and calf together in a grassy meadow.

Keep bovine coronavirus (BCV) on your radar

The effects of bovine coronavirus can be detrimental to cattle health and profitability. Learn about prevention and treatment strategies.

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A ranching couple next to a group of cows eating

Nebraska producer relies on CleanVax™ to optimize intranasal vaccination

A Nebraska cattle producer shares why he leverages CleanVax™ to optimize intranasal vaccination.

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BANAMINE® TRANSDERMAL sitting on a table in a barn.

FAQs: BANAMINE® TRANSDERMAL (flunixin transdermal solution)

Discover answers to your questions about our flunixin transdermal solution, Banamine® Transdermal.

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A black cow

How to set cows up for success at preg-check

Discover how developing a cow preg-check process can help keep your cows healthy and support a successful calving season.

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Cattle standing in a feedlot.

Best practices to prepare for BRD season

Fall is a great time to review and update bovine respiratory disease (BRD) prevention protocols for your cattle. Learn about the latest best practices.

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Calf looking out of feed bunk.

BRD: diagnose and treat early for better outcomes

Your calves can still be impacted by bovine respiratory disease (BRD) even with prevention plans. Learn about reducing lung damage using early diagnosis and treatment.

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Dairy cow in barn.

Tips to sharpen your dry-off practices

Dairies often struggle with completing dry-off practices consistently. Read through our expert tips to strengthen your dry cow management.

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A man treating a cow with a Merck Animal Health product.

Pain control in cattle: the right thing to do

Pain management is important for sustainable cattle production. Learn about a trustworthy pain control option for beef cattle and the science behind how it works.

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Calf sitting near cow.

Why don’t my calves sell for more?

Increasing the value of your calf crop begins with evaluating management decisions, programs and health protocols for a better understanding of how they impact overall revenue.

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A man tags the ear of a cow.

Brush up on ear tagging techniques

Brush up on your cattle ear tagging skills by studying new practices and technologies. These recent introductions help make the process safer and easier.

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Cattle and calves standing in a field

Preweaning and weaning vaccination efforts that pay off

Preweaning and weaning calf vaccination both work to protect against respiratory disease issues. Learning about these topics can improve fall profits.

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