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Improving dairy heifer reproduction efficiency

Use these data insights to improve heifer reproduction efficiency

A deep dive into your herd records may hold insights to help improve heifer reproduction efficiency, ensure adequate replacement numbers and add value to your operation.

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Deworming cattle to maximize performance

Deworming to maximize cattle performance

Parasites negatively impact the overall health and performance of cattle. Learn how to deworm beef cattle for maximum efficacy in four key steps.

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How to choose the right vaccine for calf scours protection

Choose the right vaccine for calf scours protection

Colostrum management is a critical factor in raising healthy dairy calves. By choosing the right vaccine, you reduce the risk of calf scours.

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Benefits of using an internal sealant

Benefits of using an internal teat sealant in dry cow management

Dairy cows are at risk of developing a new intramammary infection (IMI) during the dry period. Learn how internal teat sealants can prevent infection.

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Dairy heifers

Deworming dairy replacement heifers: Testing, treatments and timing

An effective deworming strategy for dairy replacement heifers involves testing, choosing the right treatments and treatment timing. Discover how to achieve success.

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Evaluating parasite control for cattle

Evaluating parasite control: Get a free FERCT kit

Cattle producers should regularly adjust internal parasite control methods. The FERCT kit offers a standardized diagnostic tool to test manure for eggs.

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Predicting and managing BRD in cattle with technology

Advancing cattle health through real-time, actionable data

Advancing beef cattle health starts with new technologies including access to actionable data. Discover what’s in store for the future.

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Proper ear tagging for dairy calves

Proper ear tagging techniques for dairy calves

Refresh your knowledge of proper dairy calf ear tagging techniques with the most recent recommendations for application, timing, and placement.

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Successful mastitis treatment

Know the unknowns for successful mastitis treatment

Understanding the known and unknown variables will help uncover the best mastitis treatment decisions for each dairy cow.

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Risks and financial impact of calf respiratory disease

Assessing the risks and financial impact of calfhood respiratory disease

With the prevalence of pneumonia and other respiratory diseases in calves, identify and manage risk factors to help prevent losses.

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Culture of care dairy training course

Why a culture of care is important for dairy operations

A new Dairy Care365® online training module from Merck Animal Health helps dairies establish a culture that prioritizes respect for both animals and workers.

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Successful reproductive management in dairy cattle

Hands-on approach leads to reproductive success

See how this dairy operation uses reproductive management to achieve a 92% confirmed pregnancy rate by 150 days in milk.

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New cattle ear applicator technology

New ear tagging technology offers more safety and comfort

The new UTT3S ear tag applicator brings simplicity, ergonomics and safety to animal ear tag and device applications. Discover the advantages.

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Using a single dose of ESTRUMATE® to shrink calving window

Single dose of ESTRUMATE® shrinks calving window

Hear how an Iowa cattle producer used heat synchronization to bull breed cows faster and cut his calving window in half with ESTRUMATE®.

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Herd of beef cattle

Early BRD detection and treatment equates to better outcomes

Evaluating calves at the first signs gives the best opportunity to minimize lung damage. Learn how to better manage BRD with the best methods and medications.

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Cattle disease app

All cattle disease information at your fingertips

With more than 700 images of clinical findings, the Merck Feedlot Diseases Atlas app is the most complete reference for diseases that impact feedlot cattle.

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Advanced cattle health monitoring tag

Improved detection of sick cattle with SenseHub® Feedlot ear tag technology

SenseHub® Feedlot, state-of-the-art cattle health monitoring technology from Allflex Livestock Intelligence®, is proven to accurately detect sick cattle.

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Three beef cows

Timing matters: It pays to get more cows bred in the first 21 days

Reproduction in beef cattle is 10 times more economically important than growth traits. It’s 20 times more important than carcass traits.

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How to protect cattle being shipped

Keys to protect cattle being shipped: Established health protocols and communication

Without established health protocols, shipping cattle can significantly increase the possibility of disease introduction, especially for calves that are commingled with cattle from other dairies.

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Why veterinarians trust intranasal vaccination

Veterinarians trust intranasal vaccination

Establishing an early foundation of protection from bovine respiratory disease (BRD) is why veterinarians recommend intranasal vaccination in calves as young as one week.

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Why veterinarians trust intranasal vaccinations for young calves

Building trust in intranasal vaccination

Establishing an early foundation of protection against bovine respiratory disease (BRD) is why dairy veterinarians and producers choose intranasal vaccination for young calves. 

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Intranasal vaccine protects calves

Intranasal vaccine leads the way in early protection

What we do to help calves build immunity within the first weeks and months of life can set them up for success.

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Treating Bovine Respiratory Disease in Cattle with a Combination Antibiotic

The value of a combination antibiotic for treating Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD)

Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD) is a costly challenge. Discover how combination antibiotics work and help effectively treat BRD in cattle quickly.

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Cow pregnancy check

Setting up cows for success at preg-check

Find out how to develop a cow preg-check process to keep your cows healthy and productive while ensuring a successful calving season.

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Vaccine protection for respiratory issues comes through in tough weather for cows

Vaccine protection comes through in tough weather

Learn how to prevent calves from developing respiratory issues with the first intranasal vaccine that protects against both viral and bacterial pneumonia.

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