Management Solutions

Operating at the individual cow level for precise attention and greater dairy efficiency.

As the leaders in visual and electronic identification, traceability and herd monitoring, the M-Power approach empowers producers to gain unprecedented control over every aspect of their dairy. See how you can elevate your entire operation with the only full solution portfolio available.

Market-leading identification.

The Allflex® Identification portfolio helps streamline breeding, management and the milking process so your dairy can march ahead with predictable consistency. Solutions include:

Powerful cow monitoring insights.

Our SenseHub® Dairy monitoring technology collects and analyzes critical data points for every cow in your dairy. Improve efficiency across the dairy with:

Gain unprecedented control with flexible tools.

With SenseHub® Dairy monitoring solutions, data-driven decisions and actionable insights are just the start. Monitoring increases efficiency across the dairy with flexible tools that simplify tasks, streamline employee training, enhance cow comfort and allow producers to manage at the individual cow level. Boost your operation with:

Unparalleled support.

Our team of identification and monitoring specialists are always available to ensure you get the most from your cow-level management solutions. Support includes:

Detailed installation plans

Continuous coaching

Lifetime training and support

24/7 technical assistance


Connecting you with the latest news, expertise and information.

Dairy Cattle Insights is a comprehensive resource to help you enhance the health and productivity of your dairy operation. Find the most recent information on relevant topics, such as vaccines, monitoring, technology, identification and more.

Empowering the best care every day, 365 days a year.

For dairy producers, calf ranchers, farm employees, veterinarians and every stakeholder involved in the well-being of dairy animals. Dairy stockmanship training. Handling down cows training. Euthanasia best practices. Herd health protocol templates.

Improving the health, comfort, care and well-being of livestock.

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