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Deworming cattle to maximize performance

Deworming to maximize cattle performance

Parasites negatively impact the overall health and performance of cattle. Learn how to deworm beef cattle for maximum efficacy in four key steps.

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Evaluating parasite control for cattle

Evaluating parasite control: Get a free FERCT kit

Cattle producers should regularly adjust internal parasite control methods. The FERCT kit offers a standardized diagnostic tool to test manure for eggs.

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Predicting and managing BRD in cattle with technology

Advancing cattle health through real-time, actionable data

Advancing beef cattle health starts with new technologies including access to actionable data. Discover what’s in store for the future.

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Advanced cattle health monitoring tag

Improved detection of sick cattle with SenseHub® Feedlot ear tag technology

SenseHub® Feedlot, state-of-the-art cattle health monitoring technology from Allflex Livestock Intelligence®, is proven to accurately detect sick cattle.

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Cattle disease app

All cattle disease information at your fingertips

With more than 700 images of clinical findings, the Merck Feedlot Diseases Atlas app is the most complete reference for diseases that impact feedlot cattle.

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Herd of beef cattle

Early BRD detection and treatment equates to better outcomes

Evaluating calves at the first signs gives the best opportunity to minimize lung damage. Learn how to better manage BRD with the best methods and medications.

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New cattle ear applicator technology

New ear tagging technology offers more safety and comfort

The new UTT3S ear tag applicator brings simplicity, ergonomics and safety to animal ear tag and device applications. Discover the advantages.

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Using a single dose of ESTRUMATE® to shrink calving window

Single dose of ESTRUMATE® shrinks calving window

Hear how an Iowa cattle producer used heat synchronization to bull breed cows faster and cut his calving window in half with ESTRUMATE®.

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Three beef cows

Timing matters: It pays to get more cows bred in the first 21 days

Reproduction in beef cattle is 10 times more economically important than growth traits. It’s 20 times more important than carcass traits.

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