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REVALOR-XS and -XH Detailer

Learn more about the proven performance of REVALOR-XS and -XH and calculate your potential cost savings of not re-implanting.

A man treating a cow with a Merck Animal Health product.

Pain control in cattle: the right thing to do

Pain management is important for sustainable cattle production. Learn about a trustworthy pain control option for beef cattle and the science behind how it works.

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Calf sitting near cow.

Why don’t my calves sell for more?

Increasing the value of your calf crop begins with evaluating management decisions, programs and health protocols for a better understanding of how they impact overall revenue.

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A man tags the ear of a cow.

Brush up on ear tagging techniques

Brush up on your cattle ear tagging skills by studying new practices and technologies. These recent introductions help make the process safer and easier.

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Cattle and calves standing in a field

Preweaning and weaning vaccination efforts that pay off

Preweaning and weaning calf vaccination both work to protect against respiratory disease issues. Learning about these topics can improve fall profits.

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Brown and white cow standing in front of black cows.

One-and-done implants deliver pounds with less labor, stress

Find out the benefits of two one-and-done cattle implant options – including improved performance and labor savings.

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A group of veterinarians stands for a photo.

Experts explore the complexities of pinkeye, how to reduce impact

Read our recommended combination approach to help prevent pinkeye in cattle.

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Cattle stand in a pasture.

Summer deworming benefits without a chute trip

Choosing the right dewormers during the summer months is important for successful grazing programs. Read about the benefits of deworming cattle.

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A machine depositing vaccines into vials.

VISION® vaccines lead the way in clostridial protection

Explore VISION® clostridial vaccines that work to protect cattle from the highly fatal blackleg disease.

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