Rise to the Challenge with SEQUIVITY®

The support you need to meet ever-evolving swine disease threats head-on.

Combat current and future swine diseases with SEQUIVITY from Merck Animal Health. A revolutionary swine vaccine platform, SEQUIVITY harnesses RNA particle technology to create customized prescription vaccines against strains of influenza A virus in swine, porcine circovirus (PCV), rotavirus and beyond. It’s supported by a sophisticated dashboard filled with comprehensive data and insights all to help you stay on top.

Rise to the Challenge with SEQUIVITY


SEQUIVITY is a custom swine vaccine platform that helps you take on existing and evolving disease challenges using RNA particle technology.

The SEQUIVITY platform creates custom prescription products such as:

  • PCV2 vaccines
  • PCV3 vaccines
  • Rotavirus vaccines
  • Sapovirus vaccines
  • Influenza A virus in swine (IAV-S) vaccines
  • Porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED) vaccines


SEQUIVITY only targets swine pathogen gene sequences of interest.

Doesn’t replicate or cause disease, delivering pathogen information to the immune system safely. There’s no need to transfer or handle live material like autogenous, killed or modified live vaccines.

Targets existing and evolving swine pathogens, including diseases not covered by conventional swine vaccines.

Allows for the creation of multivalent formulations by blending RNA particles to target multiple swine pathogens in one shot.

SEQUIVITY® technology now combines with the power of our Microsol Diluvac Forte® (MDF) adjuvant to give veterinarians the upper hand in the fight against swine diseases.

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The science behind our RNA particle vaccine platform

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SEQUIVITY goes beyond the creation of herd- and strain-specific vaccines.
It is powered by the unrivaled technical expertise of Merck Animal Health to help you stay on top of swine disease threats.


Traditional vaccines can take years to develop. The RNA particle technology in SEQUIVITY allows for the development of safe and flexible custom swine vaccines in only 12 to 16 weeks.

  • Generates a synthetic sequence that doesn’t require handling a pathogen’s DNA/RNA
  • Flexibility to build vaccines with multiple swine pathogens and/or strains


The SEQUIVITY Dashboard allows for the geospatial analysis of present and potential pathogens across a desired region, along with IAV-S key site analysis, homology charts and dendrograms.

“We’ve used the SEQUIVITY Dashboard to understand evolution of the strains within our herds. We previously had been doing a lot of influenza detection, either [by] rope sampling or monitoring with nasal swabs, and so we were able to use the dashboard to go historically with some of the information we already had and get that information [and] connect it with the USDA program for the rest of the industry.”

— Dr. Tara Donovan, The Hanor Company


The SEQUIVITY program is supported by a knowledgeable team who can walk veterinarians through every step of the process and discuss methods to address disease challenges they face.

  • Gain data-driven decision making through a partnership with Merck Animal Health
  • Get assistance determining number and specific timing of doses


Merck Animal Health is devoted to building collective industry knowledge and understanding of swine influenza and other diseases.

  • Data collected exclusively from the SEQUIVITY Dashboard helps inform veterinarians on crucial changes to the challenges they face
  • Merck Animal Health also hosts and participates in round table discussions and swine industry events


From pathogen collection through creation, SEQUIVITY follows a precise step-by-step process to create safe, flexible, targeted prescription vaccines in only 12 to 16 weeks.

Collect pathogens.

A sample is collected by a veterinarian and sent to a diagnostic lab.

Sequence genes.

The gene of interest (GOI) is sequenced and sent electronically to SEQUIVITY analysts.

Insert into RNA particles.

GOI is synthesized and inserted into the RNA production platform.

Create a safe, flexible, targeted vaccine.

After incubation, RNA particles released from the production cells are harvested, purified and formulated into a final vaccine that is delivered to the farm.

See the future.

Through large-scale information collection, the revolutionary SEQUIVITY Dashboard allows for smarter analysis of the diseases that circulate or threaten herd health.

Get precise solutions to swine diseases with SEQUIVITY

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