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Calf looking out of feed bunk.

BRD: diagnose and treat early for better outcomes

Your calves can still be impacted by bovine respiratory disease (BRD) even with prevention plans. Learn about reducing lung damage using early diagnosis and treatment.

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Dairy cow in barn.

Tips to sharpen your dry-off practices

Dairies often struggle with completing dry-off practices consistently. Read through our expert tips to strengthen your dry cow management.

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A farmer looks at cattle eating in a bunk.

Milk quality triumphs in challenging times

Meet dairy farmers using a selective dry cow treatment program and learn about the impact on milk quality and mastitis cases.

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Three cattle near a barn.

Do not overlook deworming for heifers on pasture

It’s important to develop a deworming strategy for your summer replacement heifers. Read this article to learn the five steps guiding successful cattle deworming.

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Cattle eating

Pain control in cattle: the right thing to do

Pain management is important in cattle production. BANAMINE® TRANSDERMAL is the only FDA-approved solution for controlling pain in food-producing animals.

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A calf is treated with a Merck product.

Finding a better way to vaccinate young dairy calves

After decades of believing vaccinating young dairy calves is ineffective, a study shows that they do respond to vaccines. Learn more about vaccination timing for dairy calves and the way efficacy trials are conducted.

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A phone and a clipboard held up in front of cattle eating feed.

How to get the most out of your activity monitoring system

When you set up your dairy cow activity monitoring system, it’s crucial to consider all customization options that will best meet the needs of your operation. This investment can help strengthen your herd management approach.

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Banamine Transdermal.

New option to control fever due to acute mastitis in lactating cows

Fever caused by acute mastitis in lactating cows can lead to performance issues that impact your operation. Discover a solution that can help reduce fever when used to treat your herd.

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Two calves look through a feed trough.

Optimizing calf health for the move to group housing

Minimizing stress caused by moving dairy calves to group housing is critically important when raising healthy calves. Learn how to prepare your calves for the transition.

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