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Herd Health Manager, new tool for customizing herd health plans

New tool for customizing dairy herd health plans

This new online tool for dairy herd health management guides producers and their veterinarians to build a customized herd health plan. Discover how it works.

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New antibiotic for pinkeye in dairy cows

New antibiotic option for BRD, pinkeye and foot rot now available

A new cattle antibiotic that treats BRD, foot rot and pinkeye is now FDA approved. Discover how it can help treat some of the most common cattle disease challenges.

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Milk culturing for mastitis

Milk culturing matters for mastitis management

Milk culturing helps identify the causes of clinical mastitis to help you adjust mastitis treatment protocols and improve udder health management.

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Jordan Matthews from Rosy Lane

Rosy-Lane shares keys to reproductive success

Jordan Matthews, owner and manager at Rosy-Lane, highlights three keys to their success in producing reproductively efficient dairy cows. 

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Improving dairy heifer reproduction efficiency

Use these data insights to improve heifer reproduction efficiency

A deep dive into your herd records may hold insights to help improve heifer reproduction efficiency, ensure adequate replacement numbers and add value to your operation.

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How to choose the right vaccine for calf scours protection

Choose the right vaccine for calf scours protection

Colostrum management is a critical factor in raising healthy dairy calves. By choosing the right vaccine, you reduce the risk of calf scours.

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Dairy heifers

Deworming dairy replacement heifers: Testing, treatments and timing

An effective deworming strategy for dairy replacement heifers involves testing, choosing the right treatments and treatment timing. Discover how to achieve success.

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Benefits of using an internal sealant

Benefits of using an internal teat sealant in dry cow management

Dairy cows are at risk of developing a new intramammary infection (IMI) during the dry period. Learn how internal teat sealants can prevent infection.

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Proper ear tagging for dairy calves

Proper ear tagging techniques for dairy calves

Refresh your knowledge of proper dairy calf ear tagging techniques with the most recent recommendations for application, timing, and placement.

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