Dedication to the
dairy industry

Investing in the dairy industry by providing insightful research, tools, resources and information to better serve producers.

Merck Animal Health is focused on the future of the dairy industry. That’s part of the M-Power commitment — to support the institutions, organizations and programs that promote animal health and help sustain the industry. This includes industry research and innovations, as well as the development and growth of the next generation of leaders. While some are scaling back, Merck Animal Health is going all in with an unconditional commitment to the dairy industry.

The latest technology, research and innovation.

The dairy industry is changing at a faster pace than ever before. M-Power solutions give producers the ability to adapt and pivot to stay profitable. Our cutting-edge approach includes:

Investment in cutting edge research and development of innovative products that better meet the needs of dairy producers

Easy access to support you need.

We are committed to the people who dedicate themselves to keeping animals healthy. The Merck Animal Health customer support teams are prepared to provide expertise, tools, and resources to best serve producers. Additional education opportunities include:

Unconditional commitment to the industry.

Our care and concern for the people who make this industry thrive guides everything we do. It’s part of our culture. That’s why we provide:

More than $1 million in annual scholarships and sponsorships

Support to industry associations and events like the National Mastitis Council, Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council (DCRC), Dairy Calf & Heifer Association and many others


Connecting you with the latest news, expertise and information.

Dairy Cattle Insights is a comprehensive resource to help you enhance the health and productivity of your dairy operation. Find the most recent information on relevant topics, such as vaccines, monitoring, technology, identification and more.

Empowering the best care every day, 365 days a year.

For dairy producers, calf ranchers, farm employees, veterinarians and every stakeholder involved in the well-being of dairy animals. Dairy stockmanship training. Handling down cows training. Euthanasia best practices. Herd health protocol templates.

Improving the health, comfort, care and well-being of livestock.

Merck Animal Health is unconditionally committed to animal welfare. We work to make the animal’s life the best it can be and share stories of the farmers and ranchers who are dedicated to raising food for American dinner tables. Visit our animal welfare page to learn more about our practices.