Herd health


Committing to a unique, full-solution approach to dairy herd health management.

Only the M-Power portfolio can give dairies greater control of their operation. With the support of the Merck Animal Health team, monitoring and identification products combine to uncover and proactively manage herd health for peak performance and well-being, while more targeted and deliberate use of biopharmaceuticals helps control disease and treat animals with optimal efficiency.

A comprehensive portfolio.

Merck Animal Health offers robust, high-quality solutions that address not only the most common challenges, but the most critical. The product line includes:

Unprecedented health insights.

With SenseHub® Dairy monitoring and Allflex® EID tags, you receive vital health insights into every animal in your herd. Our technology and identification solutions boost herd health by:

Eliminate blanket treatments.

The inclusion of SenseHub® Dairy herd monitoring not only allows producers to spot sick cows sooner, but it empowers them to treat the individual animal instead of the entire herd. Targeted treatments help improve profitability by:

Reducing treatment costs

Acting before milk production decreases

Minimizing disruption of healthy cows

Lowering mortality rates

Easy-to-follow protocols.

Herd health is all encompassing, and we have the resources to support your dairy herd practices. Our services include:

Vaccination consults

Fly control evaluations


Connecting you with the latest news, expertise and information.

Dairy Cattle Insights is a comprehensive resource to help you enhance the health and productivity of your dairy operation. Find the most recent information on relevant topics, such as vaccines, monitoring, technology, identification and more.

Empowering the best care every day, 365 days a year.

For dairy producers, calf ranchers, farm employees, veterinarians and every stakeholder involved in the well-being of dairy animals. Dairy stockmanship training. Handling down cows training. Euthanasia best practices. Herd health protocol templates.

Improving the health, comfort, care and well-being of livestock.

Merck Animal Health is unconditionally committed to animal welfare. We work to make the animal’s life the best it can be and share stories of the farmers and ranchers who are dedicated to raising food for American dinner tables. Visit our animal welfare page to learn more about our practices.