Calf Care Solutions

Looking at calf management from every angle to give each calf the best chance of reaching its lifetime production potential.

Calves are the most vulnerable group on the dairy, which is why Merck Animal Health has developed calf care solutions that make calf management more efficient and less stressful. From innovative intranasal vaccines to industry-leading monitoring solutions, dedicated research and protocol support, the M-Power approach fits whatever you need to redefine the future of your herd.

Reliable identification solutions.

It all starts with the tag. Merck Animal Health calf identification solutions include:

SenseHub® Dairy Youngstock monitoring.

First-of-its-kind monitoring ear tags make it possible to establish long-term performance right from the beginning. With SenseHub® Dairy Youngstock monitoring, producers can:

Apply monitoring ear tag at birth and start monitoring calves 24/7 after first 27 hours of life

Easily identify calves that need attention with the LED light

Establish long-term performance by monitoring calves for the first 12 months

Promptly address signs of illness to help prevent the spread of disease

Industry-leading intranasal vaccines.

Reduce calf stress with low endotoxin vaccines that are easy to administer and stimulate a strong immune response at a young age. Our comprehensive vaccine portfolio includes:

BRD treatment solutions for every type of operation.

Bovine respiratory disease (BRD) can limit growth potential, increase age at first calving and have long-term impacts on health and productivity. Merck Animal Health offers a comprehensive BRD approach that includes:

Personalized consultations.

The Merck Animal Health dairy portfolio is more than just powerful treatments and technology. It includes a vast array of tools, resources, and services designed to help you give your calves the best possible care and get the most from your operation.

Our team of Merck Animal Health territory managers, specialists, technical services veterinarians and nutritionists provide personalized consultations for:

Calf Management and Sanitation

Vaccination Protocols

Monitoring System Support

Prevention and Treatment Expertise

Resources and support for optimal growth and development.

From best practices to free online education and training for caretakers, dairies can find these comprehensive calf care resources at the tip of their fingers:


Connecting you with the latest news, expertise and information.

Dairy Cattle Insights is a comprehensive resource to help you enhance the health and productivity of your dairy operation. Find the most recent information on relevant topics, such as vaccines, monitoring, technology, identification and more.

Empowering the best care every day, 365 days a year.

Dairy Care365 is designed to provide relevant resources that help build a culture of care on your dairy. Newborn care, Calf handling and Stockmanship, Low-stress handling of dairy calves and heifers

Improving the health, comfort, care and well-being of livestock.

Merck Animal Health is unconditionally committed to animal welfare. We work to make the animal’s life the best it can be and share stories of the farmers and ranchers who are dedicated to raising food for American dinner tables. Visit our animal welfare page to learn more about our practices.