This vaccine offers protection for beef and dairy cattle against critical BRD-causing pathogens, all with no risk of injection site reactions.

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Learn how Merck Animal Health works to keep you ahead of the curve with BOVILIS NASALGEN vaccines.

Intranasal vaccine shown to be effective for healthy cattle, 1 week of age or older against IBR virus, BRSV and PI3 virus.

Intranasal vaccine for healthy cattle, 1 week or older against IBR virus, BRSV, PI3, Mannheimia haemolytica and Pasteurella multocida.

Intranasal vaccination for healthy cattle 5-months or older against IBR and PI3 viruses.

A Game-changing Vaccine

Innovation is critical in vaccine development. For decades it was believed that vaccinating young animals was not effective because of maternal antibody interference. The industry needed to find a way to protect young calves from BRD.   

Learn from members of the team who brought to market BOVILIS NASALGEN 3-PMH – the first and only intranasal BRD vaccine offering protection against viral and bacterial pathogens.

Real-world stories of BOVILIS® NASALGEN® 3 vaccine results.

Learn how vaccination strategies protect beef and dairy calves against BRD.

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Stay in front of profit-robbing diseases with the comprehensive vaccine lineup from Merck Animal Health.

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