A new member of the BOVILIS® NASALGEN® family is now available. This vaccine offers protection for beef and dairy cattle against critical BRD-causing pathogens, all with no risk of injection site reactions.

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Benefits of Intranasal Technology

Different forms of vaccinations can and will affect animals differently – which makes your job choosing vaccines that will set animals up for a lifetime of healthy production all the more important.

Thanks to further research done by Dr. Philip Griebel, professor and research chair in neonatal mucosal immunology at the University of Saskatchewan School of Public Health, we now know the benefits of intranasal vaccination make a much bigger difference than originally thought.


BOVILIS NASALGEN products are designed to make preparation and administration easy without sacrificing powerful protection. Simple steps and instructions are one more way Merck Animal Health Works for you. See details below.


Rehydrating instructions

Rehydrate freeze dried vial with part of the accompanying vial of diluent using the transfer needle provided.

1. Insert the transfer needle fully into the small vial of dehydrated vaccine to release the vacuum.

2. Insert the other end of the transfer needle fully into the large vial of sterile diluent.

3. Squeeze enough diluent from the large bottle into the smaller vial to rehydrate the vaccine

Mixing instructions

Mix reconstituted vial well and transfer rehydrated vaccine into diluent vial using transfer needle. Remove transfer needle from the former diluent vial and mix reconstituted vial well. Peel label from the vaccine vial and place on diluent vial containing all vaccine.

4. With the two bottles still attached, swirl the small vial gently until the vaccine is mixed.
5. With the small vial upside down, squeeze the large bottle several times to draw the mixed vaccine into the large bottle.
6. Separate the bottles and remove the vaccine label from the small vial and apply it to the large bottle for proper identification.

Administering instructions

BOVILIS® NASALGEN® IP and BOVILIS® NASALGEN-3® are 2 mL doses administered intranasally into one nostril. One mL of BOVILIS NASALGEN IP may be administered into each nostril.

For an intranasal vaccine to be effective, the intranasal mucosal surfaces must come in contact with the fluid. Typically, younger calves are less resistant to having their head tilted into the proper position, making it easier to ensure the vaccine can run into the nostril.


Intranasal Administration

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