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Setting up your herd for long-term success by maximizing dairy herd fertility.

With industry-leading monitoring technology and best-in-class hormones, the M-Power dairy portfolio is the only full-solution approach that can elevate reproductive performance. Our combined tools increase reproductive efficiency, streamline employee training, optimize resources and increase overall herd health, all leading to greater profitability.

Best-in-class hormones.

Precise heat detection.

Real-time breeding windows

Precise insemination timing guidance

Reduce calving interval

Judicious and targeted hormone use.

Implementing herd monitoring means you can use hormones in a more targeted and deliberate manner that minimizes cow touches and increases labor efficiency. This includes:

Simplified training

Data to streamline breeding.

With SenseHub Dairy herd monitoring reports and insights, producers can identify high- and low-fertility cows, allowing them to fine-tune their reproductive management programs and make more informed genetic selections. Producers can further sharpen their breeding strategies by:

Pairing DNA records to EID ear tags

Using EID readers to ensure the correct semen is being used in the right animals

Expertise and support.

There are many factors that can impact reproduction, and Merck Animal Health technical service members are here to help you navigate these challenges. We offer:

Reproductive Management Consults

Product storage and handling guidance

24/7 monitoring support

Reproduction products


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Dairy Cattle Insights is a comprehensive resource to help you enhance the health and productivity of your dairy operation. Find the most recent information on relevant topics, such as vaccines, monitoring, technology, identification and more.

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