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Supporting udder health at every stage for improved milk quality and overall profitability.

Mastitis is an ever-present concern on dairies, which is why Merck Animal Health offers a comprehensive portfolio of udder health solutions to manage each unique situation. With the holistic M-Power approach, producers can detect issues sooner, treat effectively and reduce stress throughout the transition period to maintain productive cows. 

Cutting mastitis losses.

The M-Power approach focuses on targeted, highly effective treatments, convenient supporting therapies, and mastitis prevention tools that stand apart. From lactation to dry-off, Merck Animal Health helps cows perform their best to shield your milk yield. Udder health solutions include:

Learn how one dairy uses Merck Animal Health products to achieve their high milk quality goals.

Reducing stress during transition.

SenseHub® Dairy monitoring allows producers to have eyes on their herds 24/7 to proactively identify behavioral changes. Keep cows productive by:

Detecting changes in behavior before clinical symptoms appear

Manage each individual cow to avoid blanket treatments

Treating more effectively with better data

Insights from barn to parlor.

Take herd monitoring to the next level with milk meters. With SenseHub® Dairy milking control systems, producers can:

Optimize performance with precise milk yield data

Make proactive decisions with real-time insights at the individual cow level

Prevent overmilking and reduce teat irritation

Traceability made easy.

Electronic Identification is the backbone of digital herd management records and EID readers help ensure that the correct products are being used on the right animals. Ensure you are maximizing profitability with:

Relying on deep expertise.

Proper care before and during the dry period sets cows up for success in the next lactation. Merck Animal Health dry-off consulting includes:

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