Gain unprecedented control over your herd.

With SenseHub Dairy monitoring solutions, data-driven decisions and actionable insights are just the start. Monitoring increases efficiency across the dairy with flexible tools that simplify tasks, streamline employee training, enhance cow comfort, and allow producers to manage at the individual cow level. See how our cow collars, sorting gates, FLEX V2 Ear Tags and milking points can seamlessly fit with herd monitoring software to boost your operation.

Make better farm management decisions.

SenseHub Dairy cow collars constantly collect essential cow behaviors and provide information on the system dashboard to help eliminate the guesswork and inconsistency of herd management by:

Measuring cow response to nutrition and ration changes

Minimizing lost milk production through early detection of health risks

Improving conception rates by accurately identifying estrus and breeding windows

Improving farm labor efficiency by providing the framework for dairy cow management

Reducing cow stress by letting cows be cows

Cow location has been reimagined with FLEX V2 Ear Tags.

An industry-unique product, FLEX V2 ear tags can optimize dairy operations by:

Locating individual animals that need attention at a glance with the multi-function LED light present in each tag

Setting tags to identify sick animals or animals in heat

Improving dairy reproductive efficiency and herd health by acting faster

Minimizing disruption to let cows be cows

Lasting longer with a 5-year battery life

Simplify farm labor and save time with sorting gates.

Sorting gates boost labor efficiency and cow comfort by:

Automatically sorting cows with preconfigured reports, custom reports or directly from the parlor

Sorting with 99% accuracy in high-flow scenarios

Minimizing time spent finding and manually sorting cows in the pens

Keeping cows and employees safe with touch-free sorting

Managing at the individual cow level

Help cows reach their full potential with milking control systems.

SenseHub Dairy milking control systems offer greater capabilities than anywhere else by:

Recording precise milk yield data

Automating milking workflows

Analyzing milk production

Improving milking efficiency while safeguarding cow comfort

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease in animals. For the diagnosis, treatment, cure, or prevention of disease in animals, you should consult your veterinarian. The accuracy of the data collected and presented through this product is not intended to match that of medical devices or scientific measurement devices.

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