In our latest series, I Am Animal Health, colleagues from around the world share their stories that exemplify the great work we do — and remind us why we strive to be the best animal health company in the world. Here, we feature Andres Montoya, DVM, associate director, U.S. Poultry Technical Services.

Dr. Montoya fell in love with animals when his family moved from the city to a farm. They had many animals on the farm, but he especially loved chickens.

“Poultry is a very interesting species of animal,” Dr. Montoya said. “The grow fast. They live in a big population. And for me, it was very interesting how we can keep those birds healthy for people to consume.”

The family farm is where is journey into animal health started. He helped his parents grow a small farm into a big business that they ran for 30 years.

When Dr. Montoya began looking for career opportunities in animal health, he was looking for a leader in the industry. He had an opportunity to join our company and he didn’t think twice. Dr. Montoya said along with being a leader in the industry, our company offered great people, great leadership, and opportunities for advancement.

“The company is a global company,” Dr. Montoya said. “So, I have the opportunity to interact with people globally in the company, learn from them, bring my experience to them and bring their experience to my daily job.”

He said the company operates as a big family.

“When we moved from the city to a farm, I fell in love with animals, especially with chickens.”

Andres Montoya, DVM, associate director, U.S. Poultry Technical Services

Dr. Andres Montoya