In our latest series, I Am Animal Health, colleagues from around the world share their stories that exemplify the great work we do — and remind us why we strive to be the best animal health company in the world. Here, we feature Michael Taylor, director, Animal Health Financial Planning & Analysis.

Michael Taylor sees his role in the Animal Health Finance Center of Excellence as a storytelling one. He and his team focus on putting together the big picture of our company’s finances.

“We do a global roll-up of our financial results,” Michael said. “We’re really gathering the global story – condensing it, pulling out the important pieces – so our role really does pull together the global picture.”

Telling our global story impacts our customers as well. His team can identify opportunities to invest in research and development or acquire new technologies that strengthen our portfolio of solutions for our customers.

“We look at the broader picture and identify if there are any possibilities for us to bring in different financial assets that would improve our final portfolio to the farms, to the veterinarians, and to the final customers,” Michael said.

 Michael is excited to work in Animal Health because he is a dog owner himself. As he looks at caring for his pets and feeding his family, he sees his work as directly relevant to those parts of his life.

“As I come to work and we’re having different conversations … it makes it a very easy conversation because it is all relatable and you’re invest in everything you’re talking about,” he said.

“I tell people it’s a storytelling type role where you’re really gathering the global story.”

Michael Taylor, director, Animal Health Financial Planning & Analysis