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Direct: Merck Animal Health Shop Q&A

From logging in to payment, check our Q&A to help with any query you may have when using our shop. If you can’t find what you’re looking for or need further help, just call or email our Customer Care Team who will be happy to help. 800-554-5420 or

Logging in

I’m an existing customer. Can I use the same login details?

You only need to create a secure password for our new shop, as we’re unable to transfer this secure data due to MERCK Animal Health’s data protection and Privacy Policy.

I’ve forgotten my login details?

Your username is your registered business email address. If you’ve forgotten your password, you can click Forgot Password from the login panel to create a new password, at any time.


I can’t login. What do I do?

This may be due to your registration or a system error. If you have not yet had your registration validated and confirmed via email, please wait until your access is confirmed. If you already have access, this may be due to a system error. Please alert our Customer Care Team if you are unable to login with your existing access.



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My Account

Can I update my login details at any time?

Yes. Just login and click Manage Profile from the login panel. You can update your contact details and business association. For your details to update and display accurately, please logout and login again.




Can a colleague have access to the shop for my business account?

Our Shop is only available to Business Accounts. Any colleague that needs access must register to MERCK Animal Health and be approved via our normal verification process. Click here to inform Customer Care.





An address is wrong. Can I change my account details?

Any address change must be verified according to our normal practices. Please contact Customer Care to confirm any address change that you need.






I created an order then changed my account and it removed all the products in my cart. Why?

As some products may be restricted by license to specific accounts, when you change your account after adding products to your cart, we must clear the cart for license safety and regulations policy. If you make a mistake when selecting your account, check and correct it before you add products. If you change a delivery address, the items in your cart are unaffected.

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Product Search & Selection

What products are available in the shop?

All of our [products] are available from our shop, displayed with MERCK List Price, discount price (if applicable) and any additional volume-based pricing (if applicable).

I keep adding more of a product to my cart, but it keeps reducing the quantity I select. How can I change this?

Some products are limited to a maximum quantity. A message displays to inform you that the product has a maximum quantity limit, but if this cannot be seen, there may be an error. Please call our Customer Care Team for help.


I only want to buy 1 of a product, but it will only let me select another number. How do I receive just 1?

Some products are limited to a minimum quantity or are only sold in multiples. A message displays to inform you of any minimum quantity or multiple that must be added to your cart, but if this cannot be seen, there may be an error. Please call our Customer Care Team for help.



When I add a product, I get an error page. What should I do?

Try refreshing the page by using your browser or click away from the page and go back. If this continues, you can place your order without the product and call Customer Care for help to place an order for this additional product, or simply call Customer Care for help.




I created an order, but then all my products disappeared. What happened?

If you walk away from your desk, help a clinic customer, etc, you may have been automatically logged out after 20 minutes. This is to protect your business account from fraudulent use and any items in your cart are removed. If you need to do something else when in the middle of an order, click Save for Later on the Order Summary. This will save your cart so you can come back and finish your order.





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Pricing, taxes & shipping

I have pricing agreement with MERCK Animal Health. What price do I see in the shop?

If you have a pricing agreement with MERCK Animal Health, the price displayed in the storefront for each product is the price you pay. The final price you pay for your order is calculated at the Order Summary for checkout. Always visit the detailed page for every product to see more pricing options such as volume pricing to add more and receive more savings.




The price I pay looks wrong. What do I do?


If you believe any pricing is wrong, please contact our Customer Care Team for help immediately.


Are all local taxes included?

Local taxes are calculated on the Order Summary for checkout.







Are shipping fees included?

Shipping fees are displayed on the Order Summary for checkout if applicable.


Can I select a delivery date for my order?

There is currently no delivery day option. Please allow 2-3 business days for receipt of your order.



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Order Tracking & Delivery

Where can I find my orders?

All orders placed with MERCK Animal Health can be found in Order History in the My Account menu. Orders you place in the shop are immediately available from [market-dependent name], and orders placed via a Sales Rep or Customer Care are updated to your orders once a day. Orders displayed are limited to 100 or up to 1 calendar year.




How do I know when I will receive my order?

Orders are typically dispatched within 48 hours. The status of your order can be seen on each order from in-progress to dispatched. To track your order, you can click on the tracking code in your order.





How can I update/amend an order already placed?

 Please call Customer Care quoting the MERCK Animal Health Order Number to discuss and update any change needed.






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Invoices and Payments

1. Go to My Account and invoices and Payments