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HomeAgain® Advanced Microchips for Successful Returns

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Superior technology matched with an industry-leading lifetime guarantee and our Replacement Promise.

Temperature-reading functionality through our TempScan® microchips and suite of universal microchip readers.

Anti-migration technology, including BioBond® that helps keep microchips in place and easy to scan.

Implantation as easy as vaccination, with a 1-piece preloaded syringe and silicone-coated needle. Our XS microchip has penetration force reduced to 62% for added comfort.

Make HomeAgain your partner in superior pet recovery.

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Did you know?

1 in 3 pets

will get lost during their lifetime1

10 million pets

get lost every year2

3 out of 4 pets

return home because of a microchip3

Thanks to you and HomeAgain pet recovery, we’re bringing families together again.

19.2 million pets registered

in the HomeAgain Lost Pet Recovery Database

Over 3 million reunited pets

in the HomeAgain Recovery Network4

1. American Humane Society
2. American Humane Society:
3. Reporting from Journal of American Veterinary Medicine on DVM360:
4. According to HomeAgain lost pet data.