Whisper On Arrival® brings precision ag to BRD control

Taking a page from the precision agriculture playbook, Whisper® On Arrival technology applies precision ag concepts and learnings to feedlot cattle. It is the latest technology by Merck Animal Health Intelligence.

The new tool predicts which arriving feedlot animals will benefit from treatment for control of bovine respiratory disease (BRD), allowing for more targeted antimicrobial intervention.

Whisper On Arrival consists of a sound collection device and a predictive algorithm exclusively developed for feedlot and backgrounded cattle. The technology measures each animal’s lung and heart sounds. When combined with temperature and weight, it delivers real-time, actionable information to help managers make objective BRD control decisions.

Based on evaluation upon arrival, the algorithm calculates each animal’s risk of developing BRD. Whisper On Arrival delivers a simple “treat” or “do not treat” outcome. Results identify cattle likely to respond to antimicrobial therapy for BRD and those that can remain untreated.

“Whisper On Arrival advances antimicrobial stewardship by maintaining the animal health and welfare benefits associated with conventional BRD control practices, while providing a convenient way to target only those animals that will benefit from the antimicrobial,” says Paul Koffman, vice-president, Allflex North America Livestock Monitoring. 

A limited WHISPER ON ARRIVAL roll-out is scheduled this year, with plans to increase offerings in 2022. For more information, visit the website.