Nobivac® NXT (next) are the first and only companion animal vaccines to use revolutionary RNA particle technology

Introducing Nobivac NXT
discover NXT-Level protection

See how our groundbreaking RNA particle technology delivers NXT-level immunity to your patients


A low-volume 0.5-mL dose for a more gentle vaccine experience

No extraneous

Nobivac® NXT-level protection in a preservative-free, adjuvant-free, thimerosal-free formulation

Targeted and

Delivers the desired viral sequence to dendritic cells for an enhanced, precise immune response

Safety and efficacy
without compromise

Self-amplification triggers a robust antibody and cellular immune response without the use of an adjuvant or live organisms

Nobivac® NXT level immunity

  • Deliver an unparalleled combination of optimal safety and robust efficacy
  • Nobivac® NXT-level RNA particle technology enhances the body’s natural processes to stimulate comprehensive immunity
  • Adjuvant-free, preservative-free, low-volume, 0.5-mL dose
  • Total peace of mind for pet owners and you

Revolutionary RNA particle technology

  • Delivers the RNA sequence of a pathogen’s specific gene of interest (GOI) in a targeted way to the dendritic cell
  • The GOI is unpackaged and, for a limited time, makes multiple copies of itself
  • The copies of the GOI are translated into large amounts of antigen, which stimulates a broad and balanced immune response