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A Lyme vaccine like
no other

Nobivac® Lyme at a glance

Subclinical protection

The only vaccine labeled effective against subclinical arthritis and other signs of Lyme disease.1,2

Unique killing power

The only vaccine proven to trigger borreliacidal antibodies that kill viable B burgdorferi expressing OspA and OspC variants.1-3

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Nobivac® Lyme

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Stop Canine
Lyme Disease

Microscopic view of the bacteria that causes Lyme

Nobivac® Lyme vs.
the competition

Efficacy tick challenge study1

Finally, a Lyme vaccination effective against subclinical arthritis.1

Chart showing the efficacy of Nobivac Lyme for subclinical arthritis

The borreliacidal antibodies induced by Nobivac® Lyme were shown to be effective against B burgdorferi in both the tick and dog*

Chart indicating the effectiveness of borreliacidal antibodies induced by Nobivac® Lyme were shown to be effective against B burgdorferi

*The tick challenge study was a placebo-controlled trial involving thirty, 8-week-old puppies. Dogs were challenged 3 weeks after second vaccination.

Full vs. partial protection

More coverage against more variants2

There are more than 30 different variations of OspC in the Northeastern United States.4 Those variants are represented as different colors in the graphics below.

Graphic indicating the seven variations of B burgdorferi expressing OspC recognized by Vanguard crLyme

VANGUARD® crLyme recognizes 7 OspC variants of B burgdorferi and tags them for the immune system to kill later.3

Graphic indicating the variations of B burgdorferi expressing OspC recognized by Nobivac Lyme

Nobivac® Lyme targets a conserved region of the OspC antigen present in variants of OspC.1 Only Nobivac® Lyme targets and kills variants that express the highly conserved region.1,3

The difference in protection

Nobivac® Lyme vs VANGUARD® crLyme

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A safe and trusted solution

Safely administered in over 11 million dogs since 2009.

Safety study2

  • Field trial involving 618 dogs, 6 weeks to 11 years of age
  • 1236 doses of Nobivac® Lyme were administered
  • 34% were administered to small-breed dogs
Nobivac Lyme packaging

Dosage Information

Indications: Shown to be effective for vaccination of healthy dogs 8 weeks of age or older against Borrelia burgdorferi. Duration of immunity is at least 1 year. Nobivac® Lyme has also been shown to be effective against subclinical arthritis caused by Borrelia burgdorferi.1

  • Subcutaneous injection
  • Two 1 mL doses given 2 to 4 weeks apart
  • Duration of immunity is at least 1 year
  • Available in a 25 x 1 mL dose presentation

for administration

  • Store at 35 °F – 46 °F
  • Bring to room temperature before use
  • Mix well
  • Administer in the interscapular space
  • Deliver the vaccine with a 22-gauge sterile needle

The Nobivac Guarantee

Merck Animal Health stands behind the entire line of Nobivac® vaccines.


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