Vaccine Guarantee


Nobivac is proud to support healthy pets and families with high-quality vaccines for your patients, and protecting the relationships that come with trusted care.

Efficacy Guarantee

  • Broad canine and feline vaccine portfolio with unmatched efficacy and label claims backed by guarantees up to 3 years
  • Includes diagnostic and treatment costs up to $5,000

Canine 3-Year Guarantee
(unless noted)

Feline 1-Year Guarantee

Feline 2-Year Guarantee

Feline 3-Year Guarantee
(unless noted)

Professional Resources and Educational Materials

Keep your clinic and staff informed and aware of diseases and outbreaks.

Nobivac® Social Media Kits

Digital Assets

Use these ready-to-share posts to educate pet parents and drive business to your clinic for preventative care.

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Nobivac Vaccine Guarantee

Merck Animal Health has you covered. Our Nobivac® Vaccine Guarantee extends 3 months beyond the vaccine duration (excluding Nobivac® Rabies).


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