Canine 1-Pv

A proven method for protecting dogs against all strains of canine parvovirus.


Canine Parvovirus (modified live virus).

  • Protects against all known CPV strains, including CPV-2c2,3
    • Contains CPV-2b, one of the most prevalent field strains of parvovirus
  • First to publish data showing protection against CPV-2c challenge2
  • Study showed no clinical signs of infection in vaccinated puppies after challenge with mixed CPV-2b and CPV-2c strains2
  • High antigenic mass (titer), low passage vaccine protects against all field strains currently seen
  • Multiple studies demonstrate the ability to override maternal antibodies1


Approved for the vaccination of healthy dogs as an aid in the prevention of disease caused by canine parvovirus.

Recommended for use in healthy dogs 6 weeks of age or older.


Nobivac® vaccines have been demonstrated in multiple studies to override maternal antibodies.1

  • Demonstrated to induce 100% seroconversion to CPV after the first round of vaccination at 6 weeks of age1

Maternal antibodies can interfere with vaccination

  • Interfering maternally derived antibodies are a primary cause of vaccine failure9
  • Puppies may be susceptible if the level of antibodies to CPV is sufficient to cause failure but insufficient to provide protection9
  • A vaccine that does not override maternal antibodies can make vaccination scheduling difficult9


  • Subcutaneous or intramuscular injection
  • Two 1 mL doses given 2 to 4 weeks apart
  • Repeat at 2 to 4 week intervals until the dog is 12 weeks of age
  • Annual revaccination with 1 dose is recommended
  • Available in a 25 x 1 mL dose presentation


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