Now available: Intranasal BRD vaccine against both viral and bacterial pneumonia

Veterinarians and cattle producers can now purchase Bovilis® Nasalgen® 3-PMH, the first and only intranasal BRD vaccine that provides protection against both viral and bacterial pneumonia. This vaccine protects against five major causes of respiratory disease in one dose – IBR, BRSV, PI3 and Pasteurella multocida and Mannheimia haemolytica.

Approved for use in beef and dairy cattle, this intranasal vaccine provides early, broad-spectrum respiratory protection in a needle free, animal- and BQA-friendly administration. Result of efficacy, duration of immunity and safety studies demonstrate the vaccine is safe and effective for calves 1 week of age or older.

The vaccine is administered in a single 2-mL dose. It contains a unique BluShadowTM diluent that clearly indicates which animals have been vaccinated. It is proven safe for use in pregnant cows and in calves nursing pregnant cows, as well as young calves. It is available in single dose/2-mL, 10-dose/20-mL and 50-dose/100-mL packages.

To learn more about the newest option in intranasal respiratory vaccines, visit or contact your Merck Animal Health representative.

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