IAV-S NA product vials

Sequivity® IAV-S NA

Swine Influenza Vaccine N1 & N2, RNA Particle

Product Description

Sequivity® IAV-S NA contains RNA Particle N1 and N2 strains from the following swine influenza virus isolates:

  • A/swine/Iowa/A01410307/2014 (H1N1)
  • A/swine/Minnesota/A01481370/2014 (H1N1)
  • A/swine/Michigan/A02077465/2015 (H1N2)
  • A/swine/Illinois/ A01475495/2014 (H1N2)

This product has been shown to be effective for the vaccination of healthy swine, 3 days of age or older, against influenza strains H1N1, H1N2 and H3N2. A duration of immunity of at least 12 weeks has been established against a 2019 H1N1 subtype.


The first ever influenza vaccine that utilizes the neuraminidase (NA) protein to create NA-specific immunity that reduces lung lesions, nasal shedding, and virus levels in the lungs1

  • Proven cross-protection against both homologous and heterologous strains1
    • Lung lesion reduction from different challenge strains ranged from 78.4% to 89.4% less compared to control animals1
  • 12 week duration of immunity against a 2019 H1N1 subtype
  • Utilizes sow farm labor with 1 dose at processing and 1 dose at weaning
  • Influenza strains selected based on over 6,000 available IAV-S sequences
  • No risk of vaccine shedding or reversion to virulence
  • Merck Animal Health provides technical support to create an optimal influenza control program
  • A Differentiating Infected from Vaccinated Animal (DIVA) designed vaccine that can be used to assist virus surveillance and control programs2
  • Trusted Microsol Diluvac Forte® adjuvant provides optimal immune response


Administer 1 mL intramuscularly to pigs 3 days of age or older. Repeat vaccination at 3 weeks of age, or 3 weeks after the initial vaccination.


50 mL Doses
250 mL Doses


CAUTIONS: Store RNA Particle vaccine frozen at or below -60°C (-76°F). Thaw RNA Particle vaccine at room temperature, 18-22°C (65-72°F). Approximate thaw time for a 50 dose vial is 1 hour. Approximate thaw time for a 250 dose vial is 2 hours. Use entire contents immediately after mixing with diluent and when first opened; do not save partial contents.

Important Safety Information

Do not vaccinate within 21 days before slaughter. Please note, this vaccine may induce moderate transient local injection site reactions after vaccination, particularly following the second dose in the vaccinated pigs. Do not mix with other products, except as specified on the label. This product has not been tested in pregnant animals.

In case of human exposure, contact a physician. This product does not contain antibiotics. In case of anaphylaxis, treat with epinephrine.


Sequivity® IAV-S NA

Product Bulletin

The first ever influenza vaccine that utilizes the neuraminidase (NA) protein to create NA-specific immunity.


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1. Data on file, Merck Animal Health.
2. Rahn J, Hoffmann D, Harder TC, Beer M. Vaccines against influenza A viruses in poultry and swine: Status and future developments. Vaccine. 2015 May 15;33(21):2414-24. doi: 10.1016/j.vaccine.2015.03.052. Epub 2015 Mar 31. PMID: 25835575.