Continuing Education

The Merck Animal Health PSV team offers both live and recorded continuing education sessions that help you meet your CE requirements. Events are offered at no cost.

On-Demand Webinars

Learn on your schedule with on-demand webinars. Choose the topics that fit your interest. If a webinar qualifies for continuing education credit a certificate will be made available at the end of the course.

Heroes for Healthy Pets: Effective Infectious Disease Control

The Heroes for Healthy Pets certification program was created to help veterinary professionals and pet businesses create facilities dedicated to being free of infectious diseases. This presentation will discuss…

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Triage of the Equine Patient: What to Do Until Your Equine Colleague Arrives

As veterinarians, we sometimes need to triage patients that we don’t typically care for on a day today basis. The goal of this presentation is to review what your role as a veterinarian can be…

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Vaccine Preventable Feline Infectious Diseases

There are many diseases in the cat which can be addressed with correct vaccination protocols. Through a case-based analysis, this presentation will cover the epidemiology…


Tips for Diagnosis and Prevention of EPM

The participants can expect to hear about various aspects of Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis (EPM) and the presentation will cover information and recent research data pertaining to the diagnosis and prevention of EPM.


New Science to Change Your Approach to Feline Parasite Control

During this program, you can expect to learn NEW science about feline parasite control with a focus on feline heartworm and its importance.

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Equine Emergency Wound Management

Horses frequently experience wounds and associated musculoskeletal injury. Appropriate examination and first aid can determine the difference between successful case outcomes and failures.

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EquiTrace: Unleash the Power of the Microchip

In this seminar, we discuss the use of technology for streamlining processes and communication on horse farms. We outline the importance of correct identification of the horse to everything else that happens around it, especially in ensuring the welfare of individual horses and that the right horse receives the right treatment.

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Girl holding the chin of a dog

Every Practice’s Struggle: How to Attract, Retain and Motivate Your Veterinary Talent

The ARM research is a study funded by Merck Animal Health to address one of the biggest issues in the veterinary healthcare industry. “ARM” stands for Attract, Retain and Motivate as they relate to staffing. After asking veterinary practices around the US, a common priority surfaced—the need to retain valued veterinarians and office staff.

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Horses running in open field

Current Topics in Equine Infectious Disease

This course covers current and relevant subject matter regarding equine infectious diseases. We will discuss recently updated information about equine parvovirus hepatitis, equine coronavirus, equine rhinitis virus A and B, equine influenza virus, the recent invasion of the Asian long-horned tick into the U.S., newly available diagnostic tests for equine protozoal myeloencephalitis and diagnostic steps […]

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