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The Merck Animal Health PSV team offers both live and recorded continuing education sessions that help you meet your CE requirements. Events are offered at no cost.

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This Isn’t Your Dog’s Heartworm Disease

APRIL 5 2021

How does feline heartworm disease compare to canine heartworm disease? What are the clinical differences veterinarians should look for between these two species?

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Lyme Disease: Why You Should Be Talking About Prevention

APRIL 19 2021

Lyme disease continues to be a common topic of conversation among veterinarians. In 2018, the ACVIM updated its Consensus Statement to provide the most up-to-date information…

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Otitis Externa…What you need to know: The 3 P’s, Interpreting Cytology Slides & Treatment Options

May 3 2021

What is otitis externa, why is it so difficult to manage, and what are the causes of acute and chronic cases? Frustrated with otitis externa cases?

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New Insights into Veterinarian Wellbeing and How to Improve It

May 17 2021

The course will provide information on the wellbeing and mental health of veterinarians over time, benchmark findings against physicians and the US general populations of employed adults, and review of new insights into stress and burnout and how they can be avoided and dealt with effectively.


Enhancing Compliance and Reducing Stress – A Modern Perspective on Feline Parasite Protection

June 7 2021

This course will examine consumer compliance and investigate the drivers behind cat owner product purchasing while demonstrating how extended duration products are beneficial to pets and pet owners.

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Equine Emergency: The Horse with Colic

June 21 2021

“Colic” is a term applied to many anatomical and physiological origins of abdominal pain in horses. Because of the wide spectrum of symptoms and potential outcomes, emergency management of a horse with colic can be intimidating. A sound physical examination and reasoned decision-making can greatly assist early diagnosis and treatment.


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