SAFE-GUARD® Shelf Header & Shelf Strips

The SAFE-GUARD® Shelf Header & Shelf Strips help to orient store & aisle traffic. 

The header is made of foam core with a magnetic base for easy installation. The header measures 33” wide x 19.5” tall and should be placed over the deworming section. This piece clearly calls out that SAFE-GUARD is the Trusted Dewormer for Every Category (and species).

The shelf strips can be placed along the shelf in the slots and can be cut to size. They come in a pack of 3 and each measure 48” long by 1.125” tall. You’ll find a shelf strip that calls out “Pasture Deworming”, one that calls out “chute-side deworming” and the third has the SAFE-GUARD logo.  These are perfect for cattle, equine, etc. categories.

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