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Training Platform: is the Training Platform for our Retailer, Dealer and Distribution partners. The platform is hosted in partnership with Agrischool Training.

How to Register and Login

1-Time Login Instructions:
Step 1:  Go to:
Step 2: Click Register to access the training portal
Step 3:  Set up a Username and Password, provide Email, Phone and Industry Type
If you have a current Username and Password with DairyCare365 or AquaCare365, you will need to create a different Username and Password for PartnerTraining365
Step 4: You will receive a verification email with additional registration steps to follow. Note that the verification email is from Agrischool Training Portal and will let you finalize registration and grant access to the learning platform.
Step 5: After clicking on the link in the email, you will be directed to a Terms & Conditions / Privacy Policy page from Agrischool Training Portal. Please click on the “I agree” button and your registration will be complete
Step 6: Login with your new user name and password at
NOTE: The training platform works best in CHROME. We recommend using this browser for the best experience.

Learning Modules

Conversational Cooler Training & How to Answer Customer’s Questions


Ectoparasiticide Review: Flies, Pour-on and Premise Products




Introduction to BOVILIS® NASALGEN® 3


Proper Handling of Vaccines and Cooler Management


RALGRO: Gold Standard of Calf Implanting


SAFE-GUARD® Canine Deworming Dosing


No items to show.


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